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  1. Anyone know if BCIT is doing the Arriel 1 Series type courses anymore? I have checked BCIT's website and couldn't find anything. Cheers. HeliEagle.
  2. sincere condolences to family, friends, and colleagues..
  3. Condolences to family and friends HeliEagle
  4. That Makes me sick. Tho If I read the article right. Why was he not strapped in with his shoulder harness. Would of aided i would think, but probably not prevented the outcome. I Hope they lose their Lawsuit. It Shows that the family wishes not to take responsibility for their family members on board and want money. Maybe the Pilots family should countersue them eh? Helieagle
  5. R.I.P. My Condolences to The Friends and Family of the pilot and the Passengers Injured. Thanks to those whom did all they could in this tragic event. Not a good start to the season. Thoughts are With the Crew over there. Helieagle
  6. Good one. Let your Wife or significant other own everything. Only prob with that is when she leaves, if she does your out a crapload. Helieagle.
  7. They Try to find Blame. Even if it so small. Blame is given to you. And the AMO will wash their hands.
  8. You are not certifying other work. You are certifying your OWN work. You are not endorsing the other work. In the "old days", yup that's how it was but not now. But, I agree having liability Insurance if One is a Propiertier it would be a good thing to have. Tho Honestly, to pay for the insurance would not be cost effective unless the insurance premium was on top of the daily rate or hourly.
  9. The whole Industry is short of Pilots/Engineers. But I agree that is Worth another thread. Athabasca isn't to bad a of a place. Close enough to Edmonton and if ya like the outdoors, it has lots of things to do.
  10. Sometimes, Display name it is sometimes required to goto the USA to get course's. I am not sure there is enough need for the 355 course. I currently work with a company who has both the F and N model. I would think about going for the difference course and would have no problem going to the USA to get it if I thought there was enough need. I would have to Justify the Cost versus Return. More Partying in the city where they do it. Dawson Creek didn't have a nightlife. HeliEagle
  11. My Condolences to the family of the victims and to all the staff at both company's. All are in my Prayer's. HeliEagle
  12. Have Known a great deal of very great people at Campbell Helicopters. Very sad day indeed, My Condolences to the family of the pilot and the crew at Campbell... RIP. Helieagle
  13. Pilot is in Hospital. Hope a Speedy Recovery to Him and Family.
  14. Looks like its going to be a Tough year. 2 Accidents within 2 weeks. Be Safe out there. Take the time to do those ICC's Properly. Be safe Out there Everyone.
  15. Yup, we have verified pump numbers on the Standpipe that the low level switch sits on. We have also had a new low level switch from bell and still same results. Yup, we have it leveled by the plumbob. Both injector pumps are clear. We have done the test Static and with it running with same results. It coming on with 325lbs Indicated and verified with draining that there indeed is 325lbs when light illums. With Electric pumps the standpipe for the switch is like 1/4" higher I believe.Checked connections. Its Just odd this time around and can't nail it to the cause. The Flapper Valves are instal
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