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  1. HeliRico

    Wires Again

    I wanna hear some more about those shorts... How bad ? Me?? Yeah, had some really huge dumps in them more thAn once but wire was not a big factor.. ( don’t tell everybody but i use to look at my maps..) . weather use to scare it out most of the time.. i guess i survived some really heavy chit ,! Hey Shakey , what use to and still make the crap come out of ya ?? Bahahahahahaahah !!
  2. HeliRico

    Ground Crew Controversies

    At athis poing, i had just thrown’ndt up multiple time and just can’t take some more... And pease , Snaky can you just shut it up get yourself well served by your toy boy.. At least someone will really whant’s to get some stick time with you. !!!what a f..ink moron you are !!! Still on those insulin shots ? ...
  3. HeliRico

    206 Time Building

    I think it’ was sold shortlynafter this ad was publish.. If you really whant some cheap time building of this kind, you will find planty in the U.S.A ( did it myself) .. just look carefully around , price are always negociable.. Good luck !
  4. HeliRico

    How much water can a Jetranger carry?

    Can you also sing ? Like on TV ? It got me me really well jacked up .. anymore?
  5. How about the one you received in Lasare tallboy ? Therés another good laugh there man !
  6. We need Hoffa ! Nothing but that could revolutionize this mess! But thanks for the try out Black Mac.
  7. HeliRico

    Garmin 296 TOPO question

    Why in the world would you still fool around with this ! ? Please, get a mini or standatd ipad , dowload what ever platform fit you the best ( loved the Garmin)and you got yourself for very cheap the best aid ever to get around very safe.
  8. HeliRico

    Must be busy out there.

    Tfw never complains .
  9. Ok Boss ! No more Jabs.. no more.
  10. Get back to your barbies tall boy !
  11. Watch your mouth tall boy ! That word got unlocked by the mods feww years ago, let’s not loose it again beacause of YOU !
  12. Couldn’t resist that one .. I know you know ! Catch you in Jan ! Ttyl
  13. Just like your wife, a pig with some lipstick ! Hahahahahahahahahahah !!
  14. HeliRico

    ORNGE Crash

    I'll pay anytime some good money to have you in prison. Stick to your insulin shots and don't bother with the upper management. ! oh, and say hi to that lovely goat your taking care of. ..