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  1. Just amazed how easy it is to troll down to the bottom the same ones , again and again .
  2. Look at ya... your scared now.. can you even answer? No !! Will met very soon n person and i promess you a good ride with duals
  3. Shakey , You are very right, who gives f..uck about acent when tne price is right. ?? One thing for shure, i would never have to suck on some dicks like you did just to get a pay checks. ! remember one thing my mtfkr , i could certainly cash you in and the #### you own right away right now , no problem.. and if you aks for it, i can also kick your asz big time.. an apointment on that is one of my most wanted dream.. But your just a fag ***** without balls ! C’mon , give it .
  4. Watch your mouth little dude, everybody knows you had a crush for FiFi the owners Labrador.. That poor dog ! You got some help by now i hope !
  5. Hey Brother, remember this, « Google is one very good friend ». Try it! Psst, did it myself.. Goog luck!
  6. Nothing homophobic.. Forced f..cking is just not right . i have seen too much low timer coming back from camps not even abble to sit.. i dare to aks, are you a high time dude ?
  7. let’s not forget about all the old gay dude just wanting to screw youg low timers little hole.. Be prepare for stitches, tent camp is notoriously painfull if you can’t defend yourself, or if you really want to fly. Baahahahahahahaaaaa
  8. I apologize ! Hugs and kisses also. are we good now ? Never been insulted like Gray dude did !
  9. Helicopter pilot are poor as shtt !! plus, i don’t really know why i do rite in this post as i seriously thing it is pure B.S and just a big troll.
  10. ANd a good big freakin poem would be just fine now. !
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