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  1. $70-77,000 First officer. Seems legit. Bet they don’t work much, 3-4 days a week, just guessing. 🤷
  2. Any bluebird day with a light group private heli skiing. Cold and calm, 407 VIP engine. 😊
  3. Yeah I have. Just don’t remember the FWU being filled with engine oil. Plugs still exist. End caps have holes to prevent vapor lock in shaft itself.
  4. The “small button” is the vent, if you push and turn that too much it will come off. Push down hard on the cap below button and turn CCW, sometimes they need a tap when pushing down.
  5. I was going to say the same thing.. maybe that’s what transport didn’t like 🤷‍♂️
  6. Ummm not even close to what I was getting at, but Thank you for the window into your mind. Oh and Thank you for ruining a potentially useful thread with your nonsense.
  7. You’re gonna get them all riled up now 😊
  8. I got one on eBay quite a few years ago, from China, took a long time, but was cheap and it worked, can’t remember details but they’re out there, not sure where it went as I don’t have or use anymore.
  9. Sorry for hurting your feelings. So correct me if I’m wrong, the way I read your fancy transportation safety board graphs is 380 ish accidents in 1998 to 190 ish in 2017, that seems pretty significant actually almost 200 less reportable accidents per year over 20 years not to mention anyone who has been in aviation for 20+ years knows accidents/ incidents were not reported like they are now. Period. But anyway I could go on and actually sling some mud but I won’t, just not sure what your point is? Are you against the new fatigue regs? Do you think pilot/ engineers worki
  10. Yup there are too many rules and paperwork nowadays, you know why? Because your generation pushed it too far, you blame the young guys, but you pushed it too far, people died, got hurt, and/ or equipment got damaged, insurance rates went up, and if that didn’t put operators out of business the lawsuits did, at some point along the way common sense was lost and you pushed it too far, accept it.
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