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  1. First start of day - and only then - crank and run up to temperature - governor on and run up to 80% and let governor take to 100% - then raise collective approximately 1/2 - 1 inch and roll throttle off for low rotor warning system check - engine starts running rough and sputters between 90 - 100% - lower collective governor stabilizes engine at 100% - and can not (will not) do that again until first start next day - not morning sickness - just changed exhaust valve guides, pistons, rings, checked springs, microed everything - no help - tried new mags - especially right mag with tach points,
  2. All I know if the helicopter blades are turning and something goes wrong and you are in the pilots seat they will come after you to investigate what happened. If you did something wrong then it will be your license they will revolk. Thats my definition of flight time. Time you are at the controls with the thing flinging. You can log what you want but be aware you are in charge when it is running.
  3. Any one at HAI know any more about these straps from Airwolf? I can not find anything except initial press releases. tnx in advance JTL
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