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  1. Guys take a minute and think about what could potentially happen with an engine failure with a single engine helicopter on approach or departure and how many lives could potentially be lost to try and save one life? Google helicopter crash and hospital and you will see how many times things have gone south over the years around the world. The rules are written for a reason, if you operate in an area with a H1 helipad and you have a single engine helicopter I suggest doing some research before hand and look for a safe landing spot that is as close to the hospital as you can safely get. If
  2. 30 min, same as IFR min fuel requirement.
  3. Should add the IFR was different, the IFR hours I aquired in the US counted towards my Group 4 but required the INRAT exam and a flight test to complete the instrument rating. I would say the difference is one is a restriction and one is a rating. Good luck, Lee
  4. Yes TC will take your night hours and remove the remarks for Day only. I did my FAA commercial where night flying is part of the the license and added an IFR rating on a Scweizer 269. When I came back to Canada with a copy of my logbook and TC paper work filled out (request for endorsement or rating) received a night rating and a HU30 for the Schweizer, no validation or flight required in Canada. Hours are hours regardless of what boarder you log them on only restriction I recall is they have to be within the last 12 months from time of application.
  5. Is that Lee Davis of STARs fame??

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