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  1. Since no one has added anything constructive to this post it must mean it was a bull.....t to start with! To bad it would have been very interesting!
  2. It's just a rumor I heard, I was just trying to find out if its got some substance or its crap as usual. If its true it would be big news!
  3. Not that new company............... :shock: Cause they are really going to be the next big thing!
  4. Heard a rumor though the all knowing (rarely acurate) grape vine that the CP left GSH along with many many many pilots?
  5. DART one is great. Only issue is trying to get in and out of the pilot seat.
  6. ELT goes on once I finish consuming the pilot and passengers. :shock:
  7. Mole

    Ame Schools

    NLC for helicopters all of the way! :punk:
  8. Pilot/Engineers are good combinations in low fliying enviroments but you still need a signature for those pesky independant inspections. So you will need someone else around when flight/engine controls are disturbed. If you want to be a pilot then focus on that.
  9. No longterm investment in the future ie. Fleet renewal, Aging aircraft. Low tariff rates and infighting within the industry itself. Too many operators and too many helicopters than demand requires, hence the low customer driven rates. But the number one (#1) reason the Canadian Rotor Industry is behind the times: All aircraft and aircraft parts are in American dollars $. Comparison with USA specifically: Para Military, Private Health Care and Government Organizations are the drive behind helicopter growth/development, the fact that many operations require twin-engine 24/7 dispa
  10. Plenty available, everyone is trading them in on Astars hahahahahahahahah...... Now when that LTS 407 comes out, give it a year and the C47 versions will be going up in value. :shock: I am sure 407 Driver will agree!
  11. A helicopter troubleshooting forum - for all those quirky problems
  12. By using existing known test/performance specs a manufacturure can fly the proto and make an one time amendment to the type cert. after all of the flight data has been processed. Don't have to reinvent the wheel............
  13. Pliers: Needle nose, duck bill, side cutters, snap-ring(in/out), flush cut, sheet metal Screwdrivers: Ratcheting Snap-on with various bits, Stubby X and /, jewellers Combination Wrenches : Imperial 1/4 to 1 1/4 and/or metric 6 mm to 22mm and a set of small ignition wrenches Sockets: 1/4 set 12 point regualr and deep Imperial 1/4 to 9/16 and/or metric 6mm to 14 mm Sockets: 3/8 set 12 point regualr and deep Imperial 9/16 to 1 1/4 and/or metric 14 mm to 22 mm and a selection of spark plug sockets Hammer: Dead blow, peen Drill: Battery power with a variable clutch (Example: Makita) D
  14. Good idea, they couldn't be mad at us anymore for not supporting them in Iraq.
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