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  1. Not sure about what kind of machines they bought but construction is under way for a HAWCS base for the Calgary police, next to the SAIT hanger out at YYC.
  2. Even one of those tiny little laser pointers will do permenant damage, never mind an industrial grade laser hooked onto a scope. Jesus
  3. Ya, that seems about right. At SAIT we do 2000 hours and get credited for 20.
  4. Bloody server is overloading or something... friggin geocities.
  5. Haven't heard from you in awhile JaJr. Hope everything is going well, will probably drop in over the holidays.
  6. Ya it has gone up to 20 months now. Thats why I was wondering what year an apprentice straight out of school was considered. Can see why experience is the main thing. Still have a better chance of landing a job then joe schmo off the street though i assume...
  7. 50k a year is still a pretty decent living, especially if you enjoy what you are doing. The average salary in Canada is 36k give or takea few c-notes, unless you spend your days flipping burgers at the dub which is probably half again as much. I personally think that if you have the drive, a contact or two, and ambition then you should be able to open some doors and create your own luck to some extent. I plan on getting my engineers ticket and work for a few years, finish my business degree, and then go for my pilots licence. May sound a little far fetched, and who knows what will happen betw
  8. Well this sounds pretty sweet, get some good skills and end up doing what I love to do, which is flying and working with my hands (not as much as flying though ). May not be a lot more money but the longer hours may keep me out of the bars so much! and a little more coin available for the lowrider :up:
  9. I see your point. So I'm guessing that half the battle is trying to figure out if you want to be more of a seasonal/contract pilot vs. working for a company full time with benefits etc.
  10. When you come out of trade school after two years, what year apprentice are you considered? Cheers
  11. At the moment I'm going to SAIT in Calgary taking for AME (M). I'm hoping to get my licence and then after that, not sure too long and depends how it works out, pursue my pilots licence. Sometimes I think I should just go for my pilots licence but would like to have something to kind of back up on with the AME licence, also learn a lot of things as well. I'm just wondering how the industry is catering, if at all, to anyone who decides to pursue things this way rather than go straight into being a pilot. I realize I'll probably end up paying my dues twice and am hoping to get some insight from
  12. So when you say 3200/month is that the maximum amount you make or the base rate plus meal,accomodation, and additonal flight pay. Also I've heard of helicopter pilots involved in fire suprresion can make upwards of 300/hr, is this a load of bull or are there actually positions that will pay this much? Cheers
  13. Hey guys, thanks for all the information, I appreciate it a lot. Only four more weeks to work and then off to SAIT. Can't wait.
  14. Haha, I know what you mean, I guess that's why I bought a family sedan instead of a sports car. But I do plan on hot rodding a truck or two down the road thats for sure. :up:
  15. Just wondering how all you over six footers manage to fly and what kind ad/disadvantages this involves. I'm personally 6'6 and have managed to fit into a jet ranger pilot seat although my knees kinda get in the way a bit. Riding in an a-star wasn't too bad but i never had the chance to get behind the stick (probably because i dont have a license) I've heard of some pilots developing a unique slouching pattern as well so maybe i'd better lean more towards jumbo jets, lol, i dont think so.
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