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  1. RIP Johnny, we had some good times with good tunes. You were a great man and father, you’re missed.
  2. The pizza will be cold because the delivery driver screwed up and used Apple Maps for directions.
  3. BigD, I guess you've never made a mistake before eh? I know I was younger once and made some decisions that I regret, I say good on people who can rise above their previous mistakes and become industry leaders.
  4. I also noticed that the figures on ORION are not-so-user friendly. The help section of the program says that you can zoom in, but I have tried to read a wiring diagram lately and it sure didn't seem to work out. I would rather have to carry around the 8 blue binders.... I imagine, like everything, these bugs will eventually come out in the wash, until then I will be keeping my split vision and open discs handy... Good luck ThreePer on getting Orion working. Also I use a program called "team viewer" which hooks up to my laptop so I can use my iPad for the manuals (back to Orion working on
  5. Hey JTL any news on this? I haven't worked on a 44 for over a year now (thankfully) but my OCD was kicking in with this unanswered question...
  6. Hey three per, we just got the ORION disks and we can use them offline. You can't "install" them the same way you can the split vision or Open discs, but there is a "work around" I found so you don't need to have the disc in the drive at all times. Maybe just request a disc? It makes it much more bush friendly. Cheers, Heli
  7. We have two of them installed on our two base machines and so far so good. Easy to adjust, no need for a screw driver or tools and the pilots seem to like them so far, it's easy to learn and use.
  8. Have you tried playing with the mixture? Or changing the governor under the copilot seat? Sometimes the friction plates in the gov get a little sticky, might have an adverse affect first time in the morning? I know mixture can be an answer to about 90 percent of engine problems you'll see on a 44 as well, just a tweak here or there can make a difference, also engine control rigging. Good luck and let us know what you find!
  9. Good morning FXFX! Found it on the bell site. I went to 206L then to service installation instructions the scrolled down and it was there. When it popped up the number changed though, it came up as "BHT-206-SI-2051". Also I am on the online publications site if that helps. I also verified that if you search the above number the SI you are looking for pops up. Hope this helps! Cheers, Heli08
  10. Looks like two more fellas got the best of the forums last night. Spam posts everywhere! Don't people have better things to do?
  11. Sincere Condolences to the friends, family and coworkers of the souls lost. May we remember them forever
  12. I'm pretty versed in winair as well, if there are any questions I can try to help!
  13. Condolences to the family members and coworkers. Tragedies like this impact for a lifetime, We all have to band together and stay strong as an industry. Give our brothers and sisters as much support as they can handle in their time of need.
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