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  1. Paul, Check your emails. All is not what is seems. Neville
  2. After a couple of PMs with Kyle I thought I would post this. CA Aviation is a great forum and there are a lot of great people here and Kyle has done a fantastic job getting it to where it is today, the leading meeting place for everyone involved in the Canadian helicopter industry. However I will ashamedly admit that I have probably overstepped my mark in promoting my magazine here. And in pure ignorance I have to admit I have actually never read the rules here on the forum. As I have blatantly overstepped the boundaries set by Kyle I owe him and all members here an apology. As Kyl
  3. For the record I was not attacking Kyle personally here, if it has come across that way then I apologise openly to him. I have explained in a PM to him that the post was merely a way to inform everyone who emailed me about the deletion of the posts rather than reply to all those that contacted me. Thats the only reason, nothing more, nothing less. Heli Ops
  4. Actually Kyle is the owner of this site so is actually the majority. Like the old saying goes its his sandpit and he can make whatever rules he wants. Bottom line I am not the one that loses out here. Am I concerned about the favouritisim here, no not really. Just means I will give away copies of the mag elsewhere. Thanks again all and hope you enjoy your copies. Cheers. Heli Ops :up:
  5. Just got a PM from Kyle saying he will not allow me to give away any more magazines here on the Rotorheads forum, since he classes it as advertising. There will be no more offers or posts on this and he has deleted the ones that were there, seems one of the members here had a word in his ear, and I have a pretty good idea who, but hey, its Kyle's sandpit and he makes the rules. Seems like he has also deleted the links to the other photo gallery. Funny though I see the Vertical Out West thread is still there as well as the link promoting their desktop calendars. Thanks to those that
  6. MD HELICOPTERS RECAPITALIZES BALANCE SHEET WITH NEW CONTROLLING PARTY PRODUCT LINE FUTURE, CUSTOMER SUPPORT ASSURED MESA, AZ, July 21, 2005 - MD Helicopters, Inc., a manufacturer of light helicopters, completed a significant restructuring transaction on July 8, 2005. As part of the transaction, Patriarch Partners, LLC, a New York based financial firm with approximately $4.5 billion under management, acquired a controlling interest in MD Helicopters, Inc. The restructuring ensures that MDHI will have adequate working capital to continue production of existing product lines, aggre
  7. Nick - You are dreaming, Canon all the way. The best Nikon digital is a 12 megapixel camera, yet I have the top of the line Canon EOS1DS MK II and its a 16.2 megapixel camera, and the focusing system is much better. :up: :up:
  8. Latest is major rescue effort going on at Kings Cross station where they are trying to free people injured and trapped on the train. Reports of fatalities on this train has been confirmed.
  9. Just been on the phone to friends in London and total of six bombs have gone off to sar. The guys at Virgin HEMS (MD Explorer based in London) are flat out shuttling patients from downtown to their hospital. More info as it comes to hand.
  10. Just watching the news and multiple bomb blasts have rocked London this morning, right in the middle of rush hour. At this stage there have been a total of five explosions, both on the underground as well as on some double decker buses. Only report I have seen so far mentions 90 casualties at one of the blasts in Aldgate. More as it comes to hand.
  11. Southern Oregon man dies in helicopter crash 07/07/2005 Associated Press A helicopter crash in Italy killed an Erickson Air-Crane mechanic and injured three other people, a company official said. Marty Erickson, 49, of Rogue River died. Erickson pilot Chris Woods, 31, of Washington state, Erickson mechanic Troy Niemeyer, 30, of Eagle Point and Italian pilot Floriano Finmore, 50, sustained minor injuries in Wednesday's crash, said Dennis Hubbard, the company spokesman. Details were sketchy on how the crash occurred. Hubbard could not confirm an Italian newspaper report
  12. Yes he was, there was one other Forestale pilot and a forestale mechanic. Will see what I can find out.
  13. Floriano Finamoresono was the pilot of the Crane.
  14. Skidz - It was in the Italian news not long after it happened and I made sure, from a few sources, that the name was already public, before posting it, thats why it wasnt in my original post. Heli Ops
  15. Here it is in Italian and you can see that Marty Erickson's name is mentioned. In Italian, Fiumicino: precipita elicottero, un morto Un tecnico canadese della Eriksson ha perso la vita. Gli altri membri dell'equipaggio, compreso il pilota, sono rimasti feriti: due in condizioni gravi, uno in maniera lieve. Il Sikorsky S 64 è precipitato subito dopo il decollo. Nell'aeroporto arrivi e partenze sono regolari Roma, 6 luglio 2005 - Un elicottero del Corpo forestale dello Stato è precipitato subito dopo essersi alzato in volo all'aeroporto di Fiumicino Nell'incidente è morto un te
  16. The name was already mentioned on another forum - Marty Erickson was the wrench.
  17. The rumour I heard was that it was on some sort of test flight, but thats only a rumour.
  18. Babelfish translation. Condolences to the families and colleagues at Erickson. Forest helicopter falls to Fiumicino Died a technician of the Eriksonn and hurt the others 3 persons to edge. The aircraft of the Forest body is hasty little after the takeoff. ROME - Aircraft incident to Rome. A helicopter of the State Forestry Corps, with 4 persons to edge, hasty is endured after is raised in flight to the airport of Fiumicino. Of the 4 persons to edge, one is died and the others 3 are remained wounds, of which two in serious way The route to me of the Forest helicopter of hast
  19. Duf - Nope not Photoshop at all. Happy to scan the whole slide so you can see it if you wish. I dont alter images in Photoshop. :down: Its fun out in the field trying new things with my camera and this was one of those. Heli Ops
  20. Shot this in the outback of Australia. Trick to this one is zooming when you press the shutter. Creates a great effect but when you try and focus on it, it plays havoc with your eyes.
  21. Will try and find the whole lot of who got wot and post it here. Cheers Heli Ops
  22. Not sure about that, all I can tell you is when I spoke to Sam at Heli Aust he said they had the choice of three out of five that Wildcat own. Who knows maybe they have them out on lease with another operator. Heli Ops
  23. Cole - Yes they will prob airfreight them down. Heli Aust have three out of five of Wildcats 212s coming down this way. National Helicopters had one of their 212s down here last season and I think the company Picapart works for also had a machine down here. Cheers Heli Ops
  24. Brame - Check your PMs. Was told that Wildcat are supplying most of the pilots for the three 212s that they are sending to Australia for the fire season. One's going to Hobart, one to Canberra and one to Sydney. If you are interested in maybe going downunder then contact Ian Wilson at Wildcat and copy info to Sam Borg at Heli Aust: sam@heliaust.com.au Might see some of you down this way closer to Xmas. Heli Ops P.S. They are working on the roster now so would expedite your contact with them if you are interested.
  25. Brame - Talk to Jim Norrie there, he is either Ops Manager or Chief Pilot. Now I am not sure if that it is going to be Canadian pilots or Aussie pilots. If they are going to be provided with the helos then suggest talking to Wildcat Helicopters direct. Here is Heli Aust's website: http://www.heliaust.com.au Will see what else I can find out for you. Cheers Heli Ops
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