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  1. JLR

    Ag Spraying

    DGP thanks for the advice I just want to learn the basics and that's why I am looking for a course.I don't just want to go out there and start. I guess having someone show me their tricks and having a mentor would definatly make me feel more comfortable and extra training can never be a bad thing right ? There is a few places in the states, but if I could find someone in the country I would be game for that
  2. JLR

    Ag Spraying

    Thanks for the replies. I know about Lakeland for the the actual spray applicator license. I was wondering if there is anyone in Canada that does an actual helicopter crop dusting course and just teaches you the basics of crop dusting including some flight training. I found some courses in the states and Australia but was hoping to stay in the country!
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a school in Canada that has a Ag spray course. Any information about it would be greatly appreciated.
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