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  1. 212, looks like tail rotor failure
  2. Oh will you be in for a rude awakening 😂
  3. Thanks guys, I like to check up once a year to see how things look. left flying to operate in fort Mac 5 years ago with the intention to pilot operate one day, will have to start making some connections.
  4. Just curious if this is still a thing, with Opsmobil going tits up is there anyone else still steadily offering remote operating services via helicopter.
  5. Hey guys I left flying 5 years ago to pursue a career in power engineering up in fort mac with the intent of one day fusing the experience and becoming a pilot operator. Any input from anyone currently doing it on what that side of the industry is currently looking like? I have a great career with a major oil company so I am not in a huge rush to get in but it is still a dream of mine to fly again one day and would like to hear pilots experience either doing it currently or in the past. Cheers!
  6. Do you operate shakey? Thanks for the company name.
  7. Any of you out there currently doing it? I got my 4th class last year and I am currently writing my 3rd class papers after a couple of years trying to make it as a low hour, I am currently working in secondary upgrading in Fort mac. Just wondering how you made your break in this side of the industry and companies that are doing it besides Opsmobil (tried to get on with them last year with no luck) I really enjoy operating but would still like to some day make a career out of flying. Thanks in advance! P.S also finished my PFO:A and plan to finish up to D but not sure if that would make a diff
  8. It wasn't all that bad. Sure I wish I could of made a career out of a dream of mine and It was really hard to let go, but I am still youngish (25 I don't know haha) I still talk to my old chief pilot and assistant chief pilot from time to time and made a lot of other contacts while I worked up north. Just went to see the another operator the other day and might have some part time work lined up in the new year, as my new career has a good rotation. Who knows maybe I will never get flying again, just will have to wait and see haha. Deaner
  9. Got my licence end of 2008, did two seasons of ground work for a spray company, got hired on by a company in NWT, did a year of ground work with them, got a ppc flew some maint flights some ferry flights and some heli tours, before living expenses and debt got to high ( was going -200/500 a month in the hole) before I had to call it quits. I think I made 20 bucks in revenue flights haha. Actually flew with bob a few times while training an excellent pilot and instructor.
  10. Anyone look at power engineering as a second trade it's heavy in demand right now in Alberta , I took a 4 month course after being a low time pilot wasn't paying the bills, with less then a year experience I am making 120k+ working 6 days on 6 days off, their are guys I work with easily making 200-250k+ a year with some experience and O/T. Best decision I ever made and It's filling the bank account nicely while I try and give flying another go.
  11. I agree with skidz, A to B flying is a piece of piss, operating a gas plant had a much larger learning curve, more dangers. I find it funny I have been out of aviation for a couple years now, and I almost forgot how many whiny beeches there are.
  12. Hey Jeff, how much oilfield experience you guys looking for ? I did a two year stint at big blue before they went in a lul and gained minimum flying time (50 hours) I then moved to Fort Mac and obtained my 4th class, did a 6 month work term at horizon and I am now employed at Syncrude process operating, I also have my PFO-A, plant operating is amazing money but I miss the helicopters.
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