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  1. Thanks for the post Phil, that's what I'm after. Were there any other things that you found useful to have for the conversion? I've searched for information on the Transport Canada website regarding the exams, but can't seem to find any information. I'd be calling a TC office but I'm away from a landline at the moment and the cellphone bill would break me. Are the exams done through colleges? Eg, SAIT on a regular or as required basis? Or can I expect something like Australia where they are held in around 50 locations at a set time, about eight times a year? Did those 10 exams limit you to a particular configuration of helicopter eg. Single Engine Turbine (205, 206, AS350, H369) airframe and engine or does that give you full helicopter coverage (depending on courses attended) or full aircraft coverage (again, depending on courses done)? Thanks for taking the time to reply guys, it's really appreciated!
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