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  1. Ya, I'd be interested in some of that voodoo as well.
  2. I seen pictures of that one. It was hardly recognizable. ______________________________________________________________________ _ Back in '89 The day of the company Christmas party, I saw a complete M/R head w/ stab-bar (212) fall from the height of the mast... just as it was slightly outboard of the roof. The stab bar was not clear, however, and neither was the horizontal stab. The DOM was barely out from under it as well. To add insult to injury, the whole machine and crew working on it, were outside in the snow, cold and wind. Sitting on the hangar floor insid
  3. "Any more on this?" All I can say is that I'm working a green and white 205 in the 'patch' and the paperwork still has Gemini written on it. The same folks who were there last year are still there in the office.. so I'd say like they do on Myth Busters... "This myth is definitely Busted" The season is just ramping up, Ladies and Gents. Please stay belted-in for the duration of the summer. Hope everyone gets on with it in a safe and happy manner. Cheers
  4. You got that right! we can all pray for dry and sunny weather but mother nature will have the last laugh. Cheers
  5. "The 12 point deeps are an absolute, along with 6,7,8 ratcheting wrenches." If I may ask, where do you need the 12pt deep sockets as opposed to regular 6pt? Thanks guys for the tips on the A-Star tools. Cheers I'm off to NLC for the LTS-101 course starting tomorrow... wish me luck. cheers
  6. Hmmm, a couple that come to mind... 14 mm crowsfoot, 2 19 mm open end wrenches... one of them ground down to make the end thinner( pitch links) 4 or 5 mm sockets and wrenches for the small stuff.. Laptop to run Open 350. Ask some guys other than us when you see them out in the field. Each will have his own fav's I'm kind of in the same boat as you.. took course but haven't worked on them.
  7. True that, Warner. Our rates as it were, are based on supply and demand. We can ask for pie-in-the-sky rates but with all the guys looking for work, machines sitting idle, and, I believe a significant Eagle ships that have left the country for greener pastures... well you can kinda figure out what the deal is. I'm pretty sure the 'good' operators would like to pay more to get and keep the skilled crews, but I believe the next couple seasons are gonna be in flux. As always, things work themselves out in due course but we have to be patient too. I always use the analogy of 'musical c
  8. Again... CARS says you don't need it.. but some company MCM's require it. Unless they amend the MCM, it sticks. Probably a hold-over from TC ambiguity on the subject. Cheers.
  9. I was there when that came about, Splitpin, but as some have mentioned above, it seemed to be at the whim of the local Airworthiness inspector.. It was then that I asked them to explain how M/R removal/installation on 212 was different than task on 205... he of course looked around and mumbled about CAR's ect. As usual, TC is not much use for anything.
  10. Ahhh, you do realize that he is talking about: A) Bell Helicopter Helicopters in general Just making sure... Just kiddin'
  11. I'm just learning to use this tool... lots of cool features. I just need to play with it a bit more. I love the optical tracking with no targets. That takes all the guesswork out of track in gusting conditions, and different speed.
  12. Further to Swede's post on the Chadwick 2000... note the + at the end.. with that software upgrade it can be used to check engine vibe. Its only a matter of time before there is a vibe check on the 250-C20 As it is, the other engines all seem to be heading that direction. T53, Ariel ect.
  13. Wouldn't this type of flying be a perfect example of the need for a twin? I would have thought TC would deem it a necessity considering that the night time urban flying environment is risky enough.
  14. Does Guardian have any mediums?? Yup.. 2 of them...
  15. Not sure if this story is true or not.. kind of a war time urban legend. A Lancaster maintenance crew was working one day on the machine. At some point, during an engine run, but while the engine was at low idle, an engineer walked right through the prop arc, grabbed a tool, turned around and walked right back through the prop arc. nary a hair on his head was touched.... so the story goes. Anybody heard this story before? A close call if it's true.
  16. I think a better 'Plan B" would have been to re-locate the event to Big White or Silver Star (read anyplace with snow). The trip back and forth could be done quickly by charter airplanes, or by land... and the amount of snow wouldn't affect the quality of the racing and the results. As much as I object to the Olympics as a taxpayer, I hope it doesn't embarrass us as a nation by not having snow.. a.k.a. the Great White North. However, PLEASE! No more olympic games in Canada... we just can't afford it.
  17. I agree with the syncro swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.... or any event that uses judges. Shooting is harder than it looks and you score it based on results, not a judge. As for body checking, I like that idea! Nudity would help me like any of those skating or gymnastic sports a lot more.. maybe they could add a brass pole to the event as well? Just wonderin....
  18. I couldn't have said it better myself. Good people, good iron and very professional outfit.
  19. Good point, Wcobra. I've seen plenty of junk in a filter after a 100 hr bush tour. Cheap insurance to change a filter. I also just rean in the last issue of the TC 'Safety Letter about the internal bypass on those EDP's. The check required after EDP filter replacement. it caused a flame-out on a ground run with boost pumps off. I know lots of guys who forget that check after maintenance. Good Luck Swede and Congrats, eh?
  20. Merry Christmas, TQN... thanks for the kind words. Helo wrecks are always kinda messy, so when the pilot or passengers are ok, its a good thing especially at Christmas.
  21. Any further word on the missing man? I hope it all worked out.
  22. Was this NT Air hangar one of the old WWII 'northern staging route' hangars? There were some in Edmonton, Ft St. John, Ft Nelson Watson Lk. and Whitehorse. Most are gone now (all 3 in Whitehorse are gone, 2 of them burnt, one belonged to Trans North Turbo Air). When those hangars burn, they REALLY burn. They were insulated with sawdust and built out of some of the best Fir beams you could ever get. Even if the aircraft were salvaged, there is usually plenty lost in the Stores room, engineer tools, shop equipment, computers, records, logbooks ect. A fire can devastate any company wo
  23. The deceased was a **** of a good man. he will be remembered with fondest of thoughts. RIP
  24. The Alpine seat, although it tilts, still has that horrible lumbar bar that digs into the ribs ... maybe a combination of both might be nice.
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