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  1. I was given a sample of some interesting product by the Transwest boys a few years ago... worked awesome Golden Wax-Wash, made by Kleen-Flo. Its available at NAPA in most places. It is amazing at taking off soot, leaves a wax finish, and is dirt cheap. The other benefit is it takes very little to get the job done.... I was given as a sample 3/4 of a Styrofoam coffee cup, it washed easily a 205 and an A-Star. After purchasing a 20-litre pail of this stuff, for $70, I took it back to main base and showed the DOM, he was impressed. The other benefit is it is a dry powder, not liquid.
  2. Ditto that, dimit. A happy outcome for the two folks, but a sad day for the medium fleet. Ultra's ships usually looked well cared for and in excellent condition. But , as we know, you can resurrect even a burnt 204.... been done before.
  3. You can be sure Bruce doesn't do anything without a real good reason. Especially spend money. Not working this summer Splitpin?
  4. I'd read in a CEB of a similar thing way back when. Have a gander at them one day when you are bored. Tons of really good info hiding in the CEB's. But like T55 says, good to hear the snag and then the eventual outcome. Thanks... I'll be keeping that one in the mental tool box. cheers
  5. Great info guys. I would like to add, that the AMO's MCM can affect the requirements as well. A well known Alberta operator specified in their MCM that only M2 can certify their 212's.... Not a CAR, but company policy. I got bit on that last summer. How does one differentiate tasks on a 212 from a 205 for use towards getting an M2 in the AME logbook? Evidently, the 'type' column in the log book makes a difference according to my local TC inspector. Remove and replace M/R head on a 212 is 'somehow' a legitimate M2 task. Go figure.
  6. I thought you needed an M2 for twin engine helicopters, 212, 412 (and others bigger) because they are at, or over the 12,500 lb gross weight... Not sure on that either.
  7. I'm for that, Icewind. 3 times as many machines required to cover them all.
  8. I have a buddy working there as a construction worker.... I'll see what i can find out.
  9. I guess it's a little bit easier to blow over a jetbox than it was when Delta's 204 became tumbleweed a few years ago. Still, it must be a bit windy there.
  10. unified voice? Please, somebody explain how such a diverse group of individuals such as is found in Aviation could ever be unified? This is not meant to slag anybody, just stating the obvious. We all have different backgrounds, hopes, desires and goals. I would think that even 'trying' to unify this industry is counter-productive. Lets all agree to be different... and enjoy that diversity. You folks all all my brothers and sisters in this endeavor. Cheers
  11. The "its all about me" guys have had a good run the past few years and good on them. But when the tide turns as it has, an employer will vividly remember who the individuals were that held them at ransom. Wouldn't you? Truer words have never been spoken. We all revel in the good times. I'm 'contract' too.... but believe me... it is good and bad. I have respect and, currently, a bit of envy, for the full-time guys who worked all winter when I did not. I worked for a 'GREAT' company last season when troubles hadn't reared their ugly head. I understood exactly where I rated in the
  12. Contract is not for everybody, Stick to your gunz, skids
  13. Gloom and doom is a personal perception. Companies will man-up for fire season as usual. Rates may be much lower than we are used to. Welcome to reality. None of us are going to be immune. Call it 'learning-curve 101' for some.... the rest of us will have seen this before.... Carry on.... nothing to see here.
  14. N1 and a few others seem to understand the nature of this industry. When things head south... all bets are off. There are a lot of small Mom & Pop operators who are not making millions, and they feel the pain the same is their staff. The best way to weather this storm would have been to park some bucks in a savings account over the last few 'good' years just like some of our boss's did. Those that may fold this winter were those that relied on leased machines and were too specialized. Those that own their machines can weather the storm for awhile better than many. There are less
  15. I was speaking to a small northern operator about 2 months ago. After a brief chit-chat about how tight things were getting and all the iron sitting around, he looked me square in the eye and said: "Well this is good news for me.... Now I won't have to pay you guys so much...." I hope it doesn't get so bad that thinking like him doesn't become the 'norm' for operators in general. With the amount of machinery sitting at present, we all need to be realistic as to how market forces of supply and demand affect wages. If they only need a small crew, but have a thick file of resume's
  16. Good job sniffing those things out, Gadget. It will help others as well. good luck
  17. 5Lgreenback, I didn't say I agreed with everything I posted, but I do understand the realities of geo-politics. What is one country's stability is another country's instability. You are correct tho.... how I would feel if the roles were reversed. Indeed I would. I also agree that the oil will run out at some point. Until there is the new technologies in place, our way of life, aka, global economy, will still require that black gold. We all have jobs in an industry of some type that requires petroleum in one form or another. It's the 'chicken or egg' argument. We can't chan
  18. As many people think this is a war for oil, I'll play along and maybe give some ideas as to why an oil-war was needed. Regardless of who was in there doing the war-fighting, the main point of it was not to 'steal' the oil, as America was being accused of, but rather the need to protect the source and supply. Look how we all moaned about high oil and gas prices not too long ago. Imagine if any one of the middle east oil producing countries had their delivery(to all markets, not just the USA) interrupted? The price of oil would skyrocket. Every country without it's own domestic supp
  19. Many years ago there was talk of a pipeline through Afghanistan. However, the oil reserves that were going to be tapped in a country north west of there, turned out to be much smaller than once believed. That was when the Russians were in there, and shortly afterwards. Oil is not currently the rationale for being there now. As was mentioned by TQN, it was Bin Laden, 9-11 and Taliban. As for Obama, hold onto your *****, boys and girls. Things are gonna get worse before they get really bad. The last thing you want is a Liberal/Democrat in charge of the economy when things are in the
  20. Absolutely, Dimit, I couldn't agree more regarding the Ruskies. Both were great guys to work with, and again, you are right, they both had awesome attitudes. Where can we find guys that are equally qualified locally? I'll bet there are few Canadian or even American pilots with the training and depth of experience those two came here with. I think Delta scored a real coup to get both of them. Air Crane, Helifor or VIH Logging will be interested in these guys.
  21. MX Trainer, I couldn't agree more. I just wanted to add that, the written word on a forum such as this loses some of its emotion as the writer intends strictly because his emotions cannot be sensed through the letters on the page. I'm sure that nobody who has posted on these recent tragedies intended to sound disrespectful, but their words sound that way because of loss, anger and frustration, the feelings we all have when we get such bad news. Peace to all our fallen comrades, and condolences to those they leave behind.
  22. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!
  23. Something I'd heard from the guys who have recently written, and this totally BLOWS, there are non-maintenance questions in the new AME exams as well.... so bone-up on your piloting stuff as well.
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