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  1. Thanks for the link, Elvis, I've been looking for a source of Cratex for awhile.
  2. As well as vibration issues, what is the voltage regulator set to? too high a voltage might shorten the lives of the bulbs. Usually, Bulbs are pretty tolerant, and radios and instruments are the first to be affected. Just a thought on the voltage, but vibration seems more likely. Added to What Elvis suggested, T/R driveshaft bearings can be harder to track down...but can cause a high freq vibration, as can engine sources. If you have a Chadwick 2000 or other vibration measuring tools that offer a full spectrum analysis can pin-point the Hertz of the source and you can determine what
  3. There is a new temporary amendment in the T53 maintenance manual regarding the carbon seals.... it also asks you to measure the inner pressure of the Acc. gearbox. too much pressure will make them leak... so says the amendment. I have never done the check, but it seems easy enough to do. 1.5 PSIG is what they call for, or less. Anybody try this? I just read it yesterday.
  4. Ron J is no longer at Campbell as of late 2006. I have heard he is still around somewhere, but not exactly sure at the moment.
  5. Hey, that unit looks like it could be interesting. It folds up smaller, lighter, modular, but the coolest part is that you can adjust the capacity from the cockpit. and I guess from an engineer's perspective, no 'udder' to have to fight with ever again. That said, I have some suspicions about that transducer being rugged enough to handle being banged around. Also, the hydraulic-ram assembly may be troublesome in use after said rough handling. Having never seen one, I will keep an open mind and hope that days of 200 lb, 350 gal, Bambi buckets are ending. And say good bye to purse-str
  6. I don't think it's that bad.... yet. You are on the right track tho....lol TNTA is a great Company in oh-so-many ways. But as you said, Ops Mgr's seem to only stay a little while.
  7. Elvis, I fully understand what you are saying, I really do. I just see a lot of similarities between some of the other home made tools diuscussed on this thread as well. We each have different 'things' in our toolbox. For what it's worth, I made that chain stretch tool longgggg before CAR's were even thought of... back in the E&I manual days. Even tho it has been used a handful of times since then, I don't use it often. I also don't work on 204's this summer.
  8. I echo BHP206 and everybody's message of sorrow. I hope that TC can come up with a cause so this kind of thing never has to happen again. Steady as she goes, T-Rex. Best wishes to all who are affected by this tragedy.
  9. the words 'Pilot' and tools should never be used in the same sentence. Pilots FLY helicopters.. they should never be allowed to attempt to fix them, hence us engineers will start to do our own test flights and run-ups. Pilots making maintenance calls is a total conflict of interest. And mostly too scary to contemplate. stick to your knitting. Thinking about what tools a pilot has in his hands gives me nightmares. He needs a headset and a roll of black tape.
  10. At that certain company in Abbotsford, indeed all apprentices and most full-time guys were given their walking papers This is not a rumour. I've been contacted by a bunch of them looking for job references. Strange days indeed.
  11. Pretty friggin funny, Taco.... I like that one....can I use it with my DOM? he might not get the humour right away, but after I hang up the phone and he thinks about it awhile, he might chuckle. P.S. anybody got some good info on 205 fire detector snags? I have a new amp coming but can't find any wiring faults. This ship had a corroded deck pluc awhile back, so I looked at that bit first. Fire light stays on after test.... and sometimes comes on when you turn the master switch on, and will stay on after resetting the C.B. other times it won't. In the event the amp
  12. Try that little manouver on a 206 if it has a rotor-brake.... what a nightmare. Luckily not many 206's have rotor brakes.
  13. I've seen a couple now.... in a word, great idea. No grease, no hassle until you have to remove one. It takes special tools, nothing hard to fabricate, but you better have one before you need it. Also, if it installed on an aircraft with vortex-generator type particle separator, major PITA. I think they should be a mandatory mod for reasons of safety and lower maintenance costs. JMHO, But they are not cheap. And need to be sent back to the factory for inspection at some very long interval (hours flown).
  14. ood explanation, Splitpin, I hope that will clear things up for Jimsmom and all the young fellas out there. I wonder what 'Jim' is in question here? If he is anything like his mom, I have a good idea.
  15. XDM785 and Splitpin.... Holy cow! 3-digit numbers! You guys must be WAY old. Just kidding fellas, I feeling pretty old myself....and I have 6 digits.... and it used to be VRM as well. Cheers and glad you experienced engineers are still around to help out us 4, 5, 6, and 7 digit licence numbers.
  16. Hey Splitpin, I had two snag-free summers on some of those old machines. They treated me very good indeed! Paint is only skin-deep, 'ugly' goes to the bone. Cheers,
  17. I think the T.T.A.F is not really a good indicator of the quality of the machine. There are not too many old 204, 205, 212's out there that haven't been crashed and rebuilt out there anymore. The 'new' Eagle singles are basically brand new ships, but still have the previous airframe time. A few ships out there have seen the jig more than once and throw in the usual new or overhauled drive gear, and you have a safe if not 'new' machine. Even some of the yellow/black 205's from Abby were not total wrecks, just ugly. Age in years and hours flown are compensated by good maintenance.
  18. Armstrong, Wandering River, Steen River, Pickle Lk., Wayakwin Sk., Wabasca..... Yup all bad! The worst for me was Red Rock Camp ( camp cholera ) S.W. of Grand Prairie, 2003. A mudbog worse than anything that could be built on purpose even for a 4X4 competition. Inuvik, NWT: Not sure if it still happens there, but Tuesday nights at the Finto. 'Scotch Night'. Great night, but Wednesday's were always a bad day for some reason.
  19. OMG!, that is SO funny. Thanks I.G....... that made my day! Peace brother!
  20. I think the start-fuel only works when the starter is engaged. Therefore, by putting it back into the 'on' positions, you have it ready in case of a flame-out and a in-flight restart attempt. I may not be correct on that, but I think that is why.
  21. also Goulet Aircraft Supply (edmonton and Winnipeg) have great kits of caps and plugs, bolts, screws, grommets and other stuff. None of their kits are all-inclusive, but they get you up and running quickly and cheaply. They are really great people to deal with and prices are very good. They also do annual road-trips to all their customers to ask you, in person, what things you want or need. I can't say enough good about dealing with these folks. Very customer friendly. 100% Canadian too.
  22. I thought the FAA had more to do with this rule than TC? Hence my belief this has/had some influence from Bell trying to flog the 212 and 412. Anybody heard of this angle?...anything to add?
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