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  1. Maybe if Bell lowered the price to somewhere near reason for a 210, they actually sell one...... I needed a upper left tailboom attachment fitting( airframe) and bell said, "gee...too bad.....don't have one, BUT I can sell you a 210..... what kind of customer support is that? They are starting to sound more and more like Eurocopter...
  2. I've encountered problems with a 205, jet A and cold and high altitudes....there is a work-around...but only to a point. The lack of available jet-b is going to hamper any kind of arctic flying.... the added cost of having fuel shipped to these locations is very expensive.....4 yrs ago, a barrel of jet-b was costing near $15/l to be delivered to Tuk.......from inuvik....so you can easily do the rough math for today's prices and points further from civilisation. when the exploration increases, so will the demand....and hopefully the supply.
  3. the 'typical'going rate for a 205 engineer, with experience is at least $350/day, plus per diems and expenses. the rate is going up....not down.... do the math...on forestry, on hire, 4 hrs a day mins, plus the daily rate of $350, plus the non-taxable per diem and expenses, it can easily be $10K+ per month. Add to that the possibility of winter work and seismic, and shop-time....90-100K per year is a reality. other's pay more, other's pay less.....but a middle-of-the-road, it's acurate.....of course yrs of experience on type comes at a higher price..... The flight pay i
  4. nothing more true, Fen.......but here is another formula for all you pilot-types.. When the pilot of a medium rips open the 'udder' or dump-valve of a bambi bucket, no amount of beer is ever enough. The pilot of said aircraft is in deep Ca-Ca no matter if he owns a brewery. The only way to redeem himself is to offer, no, BEG to help fix said dump-valve and then buy beer in mass quantities for remainder of tour. Failure to help repair dump-valve casts said pilot into a life of never-ending hatred by engineer...There is no possible way to not be hated by the engineer,......EVER That
  5. I was under the impression that Mr. Jenkin's audio warning system beeps in increasing tone or speed as you approach the limit, not just at the limit. I may be wrong on that, but that's what I heard.
  6. Hmmmmmm.....as Someguy said, shortage of engineers..... Just curious how any type of machenery can be kept in a high state of repair when there are too few people to keep them that way? I'm not trying to imply that 'this' company or 'that' company is not doing all it can, but common sense dictates that something has to 'give'. I heard a few stories this summer where an operator had machines parked because of a lack of pilots. I wonder if there is any companies out there that parked a machine because of a lack of engineers....or they just work the ones they have that much harder? Th
  7. yup...you won...in more ways than one....
  8. AWESOME!......anybody I know, snark?,,,,,,,??? (snicker)
  9. ok, here is the one I pulled on a small group of guys at the same time. picture the mobile work bench in a typical hangar.....steel frame, covered in Galvanized sheet metal. Now imagine spring ops-gear maintenance......specifically the Honda fuel pumps and generators with small gas engines... Think CDI ignition....pull cord.....sparkplug wire....metal bench-top...3 apprentices and 2 engineers standing around leaning on table
  10. Still not getting any 'head' snark? loflmao
  11. 3) “What do mean I have to leave town for two weeks” or “It’s not 9 till 5?” I can't recall ever being asked by any DOM how long out in the field I 'wanted' to be out for....it was always: If they say you are going out for a week, pack for a month I will add to that, the appearance and attitude of some of the new 'crop' of young engineers and apprentices. I worked with a couple of guys and at least one gal recently that has a major issue with taking direction or instruction. They seem to have little or no respect for their seniors, or superiors. I'm not sure when the rules cha
  12. Apprentices that I have trained over the last decade have two strikes against them from the get-go. Drive and enthusiasum are not the problem. The problem is education. They graduate from high school with abysmal reading and spelling skills, lack the ability to understand technical english. I have also seen many good kids come into the industry expecting to be paid a high wage without having proven themselves not to cost the companies expensive mistakes. We all made mistakes in our early career, and its part of the learning curve, but as a newbie, you have a long way to go to show your em
  13. Adolf is long gone...new DOM is Al Signh..also a very nice fellow...and Campbell is looking for apprentices. Laura Siemens is the contat person. (604) 852-1122 hope that helps.
  14. Sheesh you guys!...here you are just starting your careers in Helicopters and you are complaining about snow! You'll be lucky if you don't spend your entire careers in a snowbank in -30.....it is common in this industry. Dawson creek in the cold is just part of your apprenticeship. It only gets worse. Suck it up! all meant in fun, Boys, but there is a lot of truth to this.
  15. how many machines have come back to Ontario from the west in the last couple of days? CIFFC says 20 mediums in Ontario now. were only 10 just a few days ago. and where is everybody sitting? I'm sitting in the south with little going on...
  16. I guess you'll have to hurry up then Jay.......We are not gonna kill the goose that lays the golden egg just because you are slow off the marks......lol There will be plenty of trees to burn next year, and the next.... meanwhile, we will keep doing our bit, and Forestry can keep doing it's part....paying us to live in motel rooms and eating for free....imagine, they actually pay us for this!
  17. Hey Buddy, I see that some things haven't changed around there. I think for your current location and fleet, pool pay would prolly work the best. Flight pay works best when is one man, one machine for an extended period of time. At said employer, too many different hands on too many different ships in too many locations makes it difficult to be fair. One thing is for sure....you are getting a raw deal as nobody wins except the company the way it is now. Another thing that would work well there is a sign-out bonus, say $300. Being as the guys with the license are always on the move do
  18. still going strong in Ontario.....a dozen new fires in Kenora/dryden today.......
  19. Some filters should be tossed after XX number of cleanings....maybe its time to buy a new filter?....just a suggestion. Hydraulic filters come to mind...
  20. yes, confirmed 3rd machine involves in a wreck....no reported injuries....happened on the pad at G.P.
  21. subs? as in the Canadian Navy subs?......if that's the case, I'll pass.....lol
  22. sad news indeed. been a slow summer till lately... as was already stated, FLY SAFE boys and girls. Make this the only tradgedy of the sesaon. They are all counting on us.
  23. Sweet! Good to know there is somebody at GH with a brain.....they lost one of my co-worker's duffle bag with ALL his clothes in it....its still MIA. He is getting a bit smelly after wearing the same clothes for a few weeks...pity his pilot.
  24. How is Paint Lake treating you? **** good grub there from Gertie and the Shirley. Watch out you don't get too fat. I just left there Sunday....most of the machines were all hired on and dispersed. Looks like the party is over.
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