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  1. Hi, I'm almost done with my helicopter training with them. I live in Saskatchewan and my trips to Calgary were the same in distance as a trip to Kalispell for me, except for fuel price, hotel prices, food prices and flying in Kalispell is a lot cheaper than Calgary ($245/hour) no tax in Montana also, so I did the first 20 hours in Calgary with Jim Bulera and the other 23 hours in Kalispell, did my solo hours, solo cross country and I'll be doing my check ride on August. I've never flown with the new instructor in Calgary, but I've flown with three different instructors and they're al
  2. This reminds me of the Stella Awards... wild, outrageous, or ridiculous lawsuits http://www.stellaawards.com/
  3. Here's a video with more images. It's in spanish... http://www.lafm.com.co/noticias/orden-p-blico/12-07-11/dos-muertos-dej-accidente-de-helic-ptero-en-inmediaciones-de-flandes
  4. Reading from some of the articles (in spanish) on internet about the accident there are different hypothesis... The first one is that some witnesses saw the helicopter hitting a tree, the second one only says mechanical failure and the third one says that the Tail Rotor came off. I guess we'll know when the investigation is concluded
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I agree with all of you that I should do it more often or continuos, but keep in mind that it's a 9 hour drive from where I live to the training school in Calgary since the other schools in Manitoba don´t want to train on weekends I had to go with that option... I just recently started at my job so I don't have that many holidays on this year considering that we want to make a trip on december. So far the plan is to do 4 hours every day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon Sat and Sun and Fri and Mon will be my travelling time, and I'm trying to do it on
  6. Hi Icewind, I don't have a fixed wing licence and I'm actually not interested in it for now. There's a fixed wing training school where I live but my passion is more towards Helicopters. I've always loved these machines and last month I had the opportunity to do an introductory flight, that was the final push I needed to make the decision of becoming a pilot, at least private pilot for now... I'm an engineer working for the mining industry, to bad I never had the opportunity to work for the Helicopter industry that has always had my attention. I've been subscribed to Vertical Magazine
  7. Hi, I live in Southeast Saskatchewan and I'm trying to get a private pilot licence. Since there are no training schools in Saskatchewan I had to ask some schools in Manitoba that are around 4 and half hours away which would allow me to leave home on a friday afternoon train Sat and Sun and be back on Sunday night, but incredibly I found schools that will not work on the weekends or holidays, actually they only train Mon-Fri 7-5, so I was asking myself, how is anybody looking for a Private Pilot licence ever going to get it with that schedule? It makes no sense to me. Some other schools had
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