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  1. The way I think it has to work (and does) is allowing you to make all your entries and reports on a digital system without being online, then once you have access to the Internet, you take your device and can hit submit. The key is for what you are sending to be extremely small (a few kilobytes), so you don't have to worry about mediocre Internet. That's the challenge in developing something like this and keeps all concerned parties happy. The plus side is that Internet connections are only getting faster and more readily available.
  2. It's basically a Windows-based tablet program that communicates with an encrypted and password protected WCF web service operating off our servers. The web service accepts XML data, processes it, then returns confirmation details to the tablet client once the process is complete. The tablet flight ticket is technically an XML file that's between 10kb and 15kb in size, depending on how complicated the signature is, so transmission is typically really fast. The signature is encoded into base64 text so that it can be transmitted by XML, and then decoded on the other end to a binary image file.
  3. Unfortunately, the system is not for sale... It's something that is being custom developed in-house from scratch for GSH and is very much still in the testing and development stage. I just thought it might be interesting -- not a sales a pitch. However, it’s nice to see that other companies are interested. Maybe in the future we will package it up and offer it as a product to the rest of the aviation industry, but I'm not really in a position to speculate on that.
  4. I've heard that the signing bonus is not only for the engineer hired, but also for the person who convinced the new hire to apply. Who can argue with a couple extra grand in the bank for getting a buddy to work with you? It's a win-win.
  5. GSH has been pursuing a tablet based system for submitting flight tickets. Most of our machines that are out working at the moment are using them. It's actually been quite successful so far. Surprisingly, the pilots haven't had many major complaints, and so far we've received very positive feedback from customers. The tablet is a convertible netbook/tablet style computer with a keyboard and pen. We also provide a wireless USB datastick in case Internet isn't available by other means. The pilot can create flight tickets on the tablet, have the customer sign it, and submit them when he'
  6. Awesome. So hard to get started in the industry, but so worth it, as detailed above!
  7. I made a program for the computer a while ago to help me keep fresh on regulations and bell 206 stuff. It just pops up a random question every so many minutes, which you can answer in your head and then confirm by clicking the 'show answer' button. Works great for guys like me that sit on the computer lots doing random things. It's a nice way to passively study.
  8. Wow, that is a pretty awesome looking unit. Garmin is finally getting with the times! Here's the link for anybody else: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=156&pID=87414 Still wouldn't spend 3 grand on a GPS, but maybe it will be affordable in a couple years.
  9. Well, I tried holding the menu button (doesn't show a D--> next to it) on the nearest screen and it worked! It pops up a little screen to let me activate the waypoint. I also stopped the terrain warnings from popping up with your suggestion. Was looking in the wrong menu before. Thanks! I guess all I can complain about now is the battery life. It wouldn't be a problem if the GPS supported the normal Garmin 296/496 power cord, but your only option in the cockpit seems to be a cigarette adapter if the helicopter supports it.
  10. I have the Aera 510 and I like it quite a bit. The map is great with the big screen and Topo Canada 4 loaded up (and you can even use a helicopter as your icon). I find it very handy using the onscreen keyboard for entering waypoints. It's nice moving through menus using the touchscreen, and I also have made use of the built in automotive mode and MP3 player quite a bit. Only a couple gripes: Maybe I missed it in the documentation, but it doesn't seem like you can activate a waypoint from the Nearest screen... Very frustrating! You can see your nearest waypoint, but then to activate it, I
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