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  1. Good question. I have the glasses restriction on my license, and my AME didn't question it, he filled out the attestation and my TC portal shows it currently as valid. Your mileage may vary.
  2. They just did, a few weeks ago. Expiry are now 12 months from initial expiry for the under 40 crowd as long as you had a valid medical at the time and meet the conditional requirements and sign an attestation of fitness. Otherwise you can do a renewal via videoconference / facetime with your aviation doc. More details here: https://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/regserv/Affairs/exemptions/docs/en/3304.htm
  3. I renewed mine via FaceTime, but at the same time the attestation was announced which meant the medical was redundant for me. Mine expired in April, which was within the eligibility window, so my AME just filled out the form free of charge. Feels weird not having a stamp in the book though.
  4. If you're implying a lack of experience, I don't follow. I'm saying that most of us are coming due in the next couple months if not already since it's go time now, and now CAMEs are going to be swamped all in July and it's hard enough to schedule a medical in normal times, TC will likely extend again to the shoulder season at least to accommodate the 702/703 guys who will be out on fires all summer.
  5. The real question is what's going to happen in August. My CAME basically said to call and check for scheduling in May, June, July in case things get backed up.
  6. The Woods Powr Grip are very strong and hold to most windscreens as if they were welded, but the risk of plastic deflection on a hot day is also a challenge. They do work on dash surfaces if the surface is relatively flat. I use one on an EC20 dash mounted on the top of the glareshield and it has held with big altitude changes from sea level to 10,000. The pump has a red line to indicate when the vacuum has been partially or completely lost and the grip is at risk of falling off. If you can securely mount a 1/4-20" threaded hole via STC, LSTC or temporary mounting provisions, you can pretty much mount whatever you want with a RAM B-sized ball to 1/4-20" adapter.
  7. What language did you program your app in? Swift? What was the learning curve like for developing an iOS app?
  8. Based on the videos I've seen, there's people I'd trust less than that dog to fly up front.
  9. Snuck this one out of the BLR R&D servers, prototype photo of the 206 FastFin...
  10. TC Support Cloud Based: http://flightdutytracker.com/- TCCA support - $500US setup + $24.95 per pilot monthly.
  11. Flight Duty XLS is getting a bit long in the tooth in the current culture of web-delivered Software-as-a-Service where you can subscribe online to pretty much anything. The solution XLS provides is great and it performs as described, but it desperately needs to be ported to a web service and a stronger multi-user + operations management reporting model added, with a similar price point. The closest I've come to delivering it on iPad's and other mobile devices is through an expensive remote desktop services solution. There are other options out there, but so far the pricing has been unrealistic when you compare it to what FltdutyXLS cost, or a custom spreadsheet costs in labour to build. I know of a few recently launched companies providing comprehensive Canadian-centric Aviation ERP software packages that have built-in flight and duty tracking, but I don't think many operators outside of 100+ fleet sizes could really consider their current launch subscription rates viable, which is a shame. Personally, I use Google drive and a custom spreadsheet.
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