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  1. Log Ten Pro. is overly complex. And tries to do everything. A simple XLS spread sheet style, that does the 30/90 holiday stuff is simple and pilot proof.
  2. The Blulink is fine, but I found it cut the level of sound. I went back and forth with the makers, who seem to be good guys. Even with new units. I finally gave up and bought one of their more ''regular'' drop cord style units, and that worked better for music. I did not use one for cell comms.
  3. Barry is a good supplier also. With ongoing approved NDT testing for Class D stuff and also Dielctric lines for Class D, if you get into that work. We use them all the time. I would agree with you, and not recommend Emergco. As you say, Skullcap, some think they have a new wheel.... ultimately it is just a piece of fancy string.
  4. ..... Just wondering why we are fighting these ISIS richards with a half dozen of our fighters [CF18], probably the only ones we have. Does'nt Saudi Arabia have hundreds of fighters they could send in, why the heck is our guys sticking our *****'s in the hornets nest. Oh that's right, mini Bush [Harper] wants to show his statesman like foreign policy. What a plug. Okay all done now.
  5. Anytime a human is involved, or even near a human, it should be twin engine. Actualy it should have 3 engines. You know just in case. And more importantly, to keep some of our SMS bottom feeders buddies, feeling good about themselves.
  6. I know as a pilot, the equivalency is, a piano player in a whore house. Thanks and your welcome,
  7. Skid transfers when done properly, are one of the safest quickest methods, with the least exposure, of putting PPL's on towers. Including all the twin engine winching and HFRS that is fashionable now. Is it simple training. THE TOWER GOAT HEAD SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ABOVE EYE LEVEL IN THE 500. If it is, the boys have to climbe that particular tower. Or another conventional method used. Be careful and ''do'nt bump into things''.
  8. Fiction !!!?. The elves lied to me.
  9. Nicely said NSL TOAD. I see similar situation as I woo wop around.
  10. I am sad to see this. Why were painters on the set during logging, and why on the lower set?. Did they have a designated safe area that was clear to the aircrew, from the air?.
  11. Very sad affair. Whay were painters still on the set. Just wondering?.
  12. ........ I was lost at hello. Banana!!
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