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  1. Good to see you're always busy and have unlimited flying opportunities, how many days a year do you work and how many days are away from home?
  2. Bro...you're an instructor from the US?? How do you not know the FAA definition of Hover Taxi & Air Taxi?? Seriously... Keep on practising "flying a rectangular pattern at a proper altitude and reading paper charts" Good Luck...
  3. Wrong... Heliian was correct... Air Taxi - remain below 100' AGL with appropriate airspeed while avoiding over flight of aircraft, vehicles, and personnel Hover Taxi - used when operating below 25' AGL
  4. Thanks for clearing that up bud, pretty sure Norm is smart enough to google two words And by the way it's called a Zeta Liner not a "Zela Liner"
  5. surface taxi - wheeled helicopters, remain in contact with the ground hover taxi - proceed less than 25' AGL air taxi - proceed less than 100' AGL
  6. I would contact Utilities Aviation Specialists. They did my course a few years ago at HAC and would recommend them. Robert Feerst was the instructor.
  7. DUI?? high school diploma?? that rules out most people I know...hahahahahaha
  8. Nice work baja guy!! Did you have to complete an FAA medical before the ATP license was issued? How was the exam, did the dauntless software help in preparing to write?
  9. thanks for the links Baja Guy. what study guide are you using for the FAA ATPL-H?
  10. I understand converting my Canadian ATPL-H to the FAA ATPL-H is done by requesting license validation and successfully completing the ACH exam. But does anyone know if converting the group 4 instrument rating will require completing the ICH exam? How about night rating, and aircraft endorsements? Will they be added to the license or will there be additional testing?
  11. 495/496 work great...agree with freefall on topo.
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