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  1. Every single company in Canada is looking for pilots and engineers just look in the careers tab, simply too many aircraft and not enough guys. the foreign drivers fill the seat to get by for the season, some stay and make a life here and still carry an accent. As said will be interesting to see how much iron sits as no drivers back to the original post... the market is in our hands wages are going up for pilots and engineers here's to a safe summer ahead
  2. The travel to places some can only imagine, working with a wide range of folks some smart others not so much! base work or away with a top notch crew many many nights having a laugh sipping chilled waters International career I’ve enjoyed in a few different spots. always learning, new types, new jobs, clients etc
  3. RIP heater the industry has lost a great man A nice article for those interested attached https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-helicopter-crash-wildfire-1.6090914?fbclid=IwAR0lUmzJ8GoTLZbyCuhg-SwGVGKi3EqQyUnITN1P3LAyjd4K1dh1sms1JcY
  4. Such heartbreaking news, he was a mentor , friend and an incredible guy the industry has lost a great one. condolences to the family and YHL crew this will take time to heal for us all
  5. White river was only in terrace. yellowhead operates over winter skiing in blue river best to call the valemount office for a 206 just up the road
  6. What is everyone thinking with this current issue? Non essential business closing. Any cases in camp the camps will most likely be shut down Domestic flights being cancelled each day. So for those who work in different provinces and need to travel to work, is it now driving crew changes? And how far are people willing to drive for a shift?? spring training classes are being cancelled, does this mean those who are not ppc’d are the first to be let go?
  7. He GF I thought you had a light speed in your helmet?? You switch to the Bose?
  8. Maybe call Qwest in fort nelson, ask if they can share, i believe the only operator in Canada.
  9. The top part of the form says training pilot requirements which is the 1000hrs mountain time you are referring to
  10. My understanding BC forestry want an approved mountain course and any HAC approved course will cover that. Under the HAC guidelines its only 5 hours (or to competency) with 8 hour ground school (see screenshot and link below) http://www.ihst.org/portals/54/repository/Practices-Mountain Flying.pdf
  11. Really?? Who?? here I sit on the slowest year I have had since I started flying
  12. A rumour at the table of knowledge is VIH are coming back into the medium game? Any truth in this? 12 being imported I was told gotta love the rumour mill 😎
  13. I have purchased a Garmin 296 with Topo Canada v4 on a 512mb data card. However I can't seem to get any Topo maps to work outside of Alberta - (north of Calgary up to Yellowknife is the area Topo maps work) Going into the map information tab I can select - 50k Topo Canada v4, 50k west, 50k SE. It looks like they are all on the card , Is there something I am missing? have tried to deselect Alberta and others to see if west will load up does the 512mb card not have the storage ability? any help much appreciated
  14. https://www.amazon.ca/Roho-Mosaic-Cushion-16/dp/B002QWXITU/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1517426980&sr=1-1&keywords=Roho+Mosaic+Cushion%2C+16"+X+16" amazon delivered to your door $125 + shipping
  15. Have you looked into the light speed mod http://www.lightspeedaviation.com/content/lightspeedaviation/CustomPages/helmets.htm I have heard great reviews from guys doing this but in the LH250, better comfort, larger ear cup, bluetooth standard if your into that. I ran CEP for years, would need a replacement cable every season (seem to break at the join near ear piece) CEP are fantastic doors off Astar , 206, no batteries, simple, idiot proof and perfect comms... BUT.... to get used to really long days your ears do hurt. you do get used to it For cost you can't beat C
  16. Any companies running a course this year? I have emailed Utilities Aviation Specialists awaiting a reply. Thanks all.
  17. What is everyone's thoughts on this season? Northern bc where I am is dead! anything happening around the country or is it just here?
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