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  1. Hi all! Does anyone here work for or has worked for Gulf Heli's in Qatar? I am in the pre stages of employment and would like some feedback before I commit my self to the Middle East. I am not a new IFR driver, but not experienced in offshore type operations to platforms specifically, but have lots of overwater experience i.e.. SAR, winching vessel transfers etc. The position being offered is Captain. Also some info on Yemen, Saudi and Libya as they mentioned I may tour too those bases. It seems the initial offer is for touring (6n6) but I would like to try married accompanied at some
  2. Definitely no issue with VIH, I think they are one of Canada's best VFR companies and with the IFR division even better. Great people to work with and top machinery from what I have seen. I was just throwing something I heard out there, nothing wrong with that Princess
  3. Just heard from a good source that the VIH DOM has resigned and is going to Wildcat. Perhaps another sign that VIH Canada is closing it's doors soon? Maybe PR knows something we don't? Fly Safe all summer isn't over! Princess
  4. Heard that VIH moved, in addition to the mediums this spring, a couple of ASTARS onto the N registry recently and the 135. Is this Northern Mountain all over again...????? Should I be concerned about my job? Heard Wildcat have bought 4 x 412's, ex presidential machines with one coming online very soon and the others next year.....maybe.....A good source that has seen these machines says they are in need of some good old TLC or at least some new paint! Is this the end of a era for 212's in Canada with the introduction of 412's for VFR fire work? :up:
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