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  1. Seems more light twins are in BC, a couple of EC135s out in Langley, BC looks like they're owned by HNZ (Canadian Heli) & brought in from their Global division IN NZ/Australia from the scuttle butt out there. Probably for oil & gas support and maybe overhead powerline work? A good move as it seems more and more of the clients in those sectors are looking for these types of light twin options, and having more of the same type is good for clients who are using the same types versus the types where there are only 1 or 2 in the Canadian Fleet. Amazing, soon quite the fleet of light twi
  2. Under the various wildland firefighting compact agreements (i.e. NW Compact) a BC Forest Service contracted rotorcraft on a 90 day + contract can cross the border into i.e. Washington/Alaska to assist outside of the normal NAFTA requirements including the BC Forest Service crew assigned to the aircraft. I believe under CADORS a Canadian regulated commercial air carrier would have to file an incident report. I don't think it is a rumor of the incident, apparently one of the helicopters assigned to the BCFS Salmon Arm, BC rapattack base was involved. A BC contracted machine wor
  3. Just heard BC Forest Service contract Rappel/hoist B212 working in Alaska a few weeks ago had an engine failure due to a fuel line to one engine inadvertently disconnecting? Anyone hear anything? I don't think any other damage or whatever. Haven't seen anything on CADORS.
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