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    Someone's in for quite a surprise!
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. I flew a few more times since then and my hours are adding up quickly, so I'm sure I'll have it in no time
  3. I'm in the solo stages of my PPL, and I've been actively pursuing it for a little over a year...with a 5-month period of inactivity last winter due to booking problems at my old flight school. Anyways, I heard of pilots able to complete it in 6 months, 2 months, etc... I'm just curious how long it took you guys to complete your PPL and how much did it cost, in total (taxes et all) and the rate so I don't feel outdone by some fast trackers . My goal is the be flying before winter comes. Currently I'm flying a C172P at $115/hour, instructor is $48/hour. Total to date, $9640.92. Achieving your dream, priceless.
  4. Does anyone know how much of a tax deduction you can write off with a CPL? I am almost complete my training for a PPL and will take the next step. Also, if you pursue the CPL, is any part of the PPL tax deductable? I am trying to find some clever ways to finance my training...which you all know can sometimes be quite challenging.
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