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  1. Hi, we can certainly help you as we are an insurance broker.

    Company name is BFL Canada and my direct dial number is 778 329 4177 or cell 604 616 6500.


    Andrew Pell

  2. Hi there, can u give me the name of an insurance company in BC that would cover Ame's. Thx

  3. This is a good topic and is often raised, being in the aviation insurance busines myself, the only way to truely protect yourself is to buy your own stand alone liability policy for your business. If nothing else it covers defense costs, insurer's will defend you. Aviation insurance premiums are at an all time low at present, so its a good opportunity to purchase coverage with decent limits of liability.
  4. Hi i am new to this forum, as an aviation insurance broker, i can say their are some differences when requesting to be added as an additional insured vs. named insured, some of which you do not want to be responsible for. WCB is of course entirely different than buying your own liability insurance policy. I would be happy to help anybody out, as we have some products that address these issues. I can be reached by email. Thanks.
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