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  1. Context matters. LR has the news copter contract. If you read the whole section, it is a specific program they offer. Work flying their news chopper and get those hours. They have a limit (I believe 2 seasons) then they move on to a next candidate.
  2. Naw, McDonald's abides by labour codes. When you factor in mandatory OT/on-call, days off that aren't a sure thing, count on making well below minimum wage.
  3. Everyone knows, the key to a lasting relationship is to NEVER see eachother. Less chance of upsetting the warden that way.
  4. If you really want to stir up a hornet's nest, start a thread on companies that SHOULD disappear.
  5. Don't be requesting your legal entitlements, it's an instant negation of all the work and reputation you've developed.
  6. God forbid that some Canadians get a shot in Canada.
  7. I just stumbled upon this gem. I have 2 questions, where do I get one and what have you got that impressed you?
  8. That (experienced) pilot shortage continues to worsen, unfortunately no one is showing much inclination to put hours into the guys n girls being pumped out of the puppy mill flight schools. Alberta is getting a pretty healthy winter, not sure there's gonna be much for fires. What about the rest of the country?
  9. I'd suggest asking on a US forum. Not many Canadians working Florida
  10. https://skyeavionics.com/products/northwall-helmets/ That said, the official northwall page looks to be offline now. SO not sure if they still exist.
  11. At the end of the day the fires are going to need to burn during business hours only, self extinguish for weekends and gently smolder on stat holidays. It's not that hard to interpret.
  12. Where in Canada are you renting? As far as I know your only options are paying $600/hour at a flying school or paying someone who owns a machine privately to take out their toy. I know you used to be able to go stateside and pay Hobbs without mins
  13. I applaud your opposition to foreign pilots. That being said, do you take an active role in getting Canadian pilots to 2000 hours? So many companies refuse to train low-timers citing a fear of someone else poaching them once they have hours. Train some new talent, treat them fairly and make it an industry standard. A company that doesn't create 2000 hour pilots should have no expectation of employing them. Not aimed at any specific person/company, just an opinion.
  14. That's definitely MY situation. Seems that perseverance doesn't count for much either. After 5+ years 'paying dues', I'm starting to think it's being held against me that so many companies just won't fly their ground guys. If anyone has pull, I'd love to finally find a company with the integrity to reward loyalty and hard work with some stick time.
  15. Our industry is suffering from a bad case of price fixing. Unfortunately, unlike the energy companies that we so often cater to, heli companies have a gentleman's agreement in place to keep prices low. If heli would gouge on a level more akin to your local gas station, the owners would see improved profits, pilots would see improved wages and clients would see improved morale in their service providers.
  16. I'm a low-time (well beyond 100 hours now) that can't even get a reply to applications. I'm not a 20 something, meaning that I'm chasing stability, not the money. Money comes with time served, I just can't get a stable employer. Feel free to tell your employers you know a guy.
  17. Maybe it means that it's time for every operator to step up and start training low-time guys and gals so they don't have an excuse to recruit from overseas because they 'suddenly' can't find experienced Canadians
  18. PM your email. Pretty sure I have one
  19. I think there are a number of factors (as is usually the case). Work ethic is seriously lacking from generation to generation, making many new pilots effectively unemployable. Pilots with work ethic are competing with a giant pool of other pilots for stagnant wages, worsening rotations and suspect maintenance practices. After a few years working for low wages and only for a portion of the year, it's easy to see why many elect to move on to driving logging trucks, pushing paper, or whatever job they worked to save up for the much coveted CPLH. Besides, who wants to be applying for a new job every winter?
  20. This industry has a bad habit of taking advantage of all your non-heli skills without any intention of ever flying you. Make sure you're clear that flying is your priority, not building a deck for the owner's house, doing his taxes or giving him investment advice. (or whatever your pre-heli work was). Transferable skills are great for opening doors, just make sure to leverage them once you're in.
  21. Perhaps a dumb question, but have you spoken with TC to find out your options?
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