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    Engineers should absolutely be negotiating based on flat rate or proper hourly rate for hours worked in the hangar. We should not be paid less through the off seasons just because the companies are not generating revenue. We are still using our same skills and more than likely taking on more responsibility with teaching apprentices, completing large repairs, replacing major components, completing large inspections. The flight pay system is not an accurate compensation method for engineers, pretty much everywhere else in the world doesn’t use this system and it’s time for Canada to catch up.
  2. Sounds like an interesting set of circumstances autorotation to failed engine ?! The two fire indicating systems are completely independent other than the press to test switch. It would be unlikely to have a fire from one engine set off the other fire detection loop. If the airframe wiring isn’t too damaged from said fire just short the two leads together and see if you get an indication on both handles or not. Would confirm a wiring snag. Good to hear aircraft was landed without incident
  3. I think they've taken the " Super B" as a contender into account. Thats why I heard they're planning on STCing the 412 head to fit 214 blades. WONT BE OUT LIFTED!
  4. I've heard that Wildcat wants to turn their machines into 412 singles with T55's ?? Can anyone confirm ??
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