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  1. I was also a layoff victim.... I was appalled at how the whole thing was handled... But as was previously said, one door closes, another one opens!!!! I am DEFINITELY 100% better off where I am now!!!
  2. Well said Corey.... I have worked and played with Blake for about 22 years, that is over half my life. Words can not describe the loss we all feel after this tragic event. To me, and I know to many others, Blake was an inspiration. An example of how to do things the right way. He knew how to share a few laughs, and a few beers, and it was always a pleasure to join him in both. As a young fresh faced apprentice, full of piss and vinegar and actually quite stupid, I was a bit of a hand full. But Blake always had patience for me and was able to explain things in a way that I would under
  3. A few weeks ago we spread the majority of Dads ashes at Tunkwa lake BC. Then Dixie and I went to Vancouver Island and my good friend Corey took us out in his sailboat south of Sidney to the Canada/US boarder where we gave some of him back to the Ocean he loved so much, then an unexpected surprise, Corey managed to get us an opportunity to spread some ashes out of a helicopter! Dads last flight was over the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. THANK YOU COREY! I am forever in your debt..... Rest In Peace Dad....... By land, by sea, and by air!!!
  4. Thank you all for the kind words. I can be reached at (403) 846-7673 for "Howie Party" Info Pinch Howard John Pinchbeck 1943 - 2010 It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear father, Howard John Pinchbeck of Chase, B.C. , at the age of 66. Howie was born and raised in Kamloops, B.C. then moved to Calgary, Alberta where he graduated from the Aircraft Maintenance program at SAIT in 1960. He worked for Foothills Aviation, which became Klondike Helicopers, which then became Kenting Helicopters, where he was the maintenance manager until 1986.
  5. I think Dad was XDM002 You know that drawing of Leonardo Da vinci's air screw? Howie was the engineer on that!
  6. Has anyone ever heard of this brand of radio? I just bought two off e-bay. I could not pass it up for the price! I guess we will see when I get them!!! http://cgi.ebay.ca/Two-VHF-handheld-136-17...1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. This is a cool thread ! :punk: I have posted a few pics of AYB recently, she is the first 205 I did a full toure with, ( since getting endorsed last year ) and she is also the first 205 I ever worked on !!!!! ( as an apprentice in 1989!!!) She will hit 20K this summer.
  8. I have had good luck with the Concords, they are disposables, but maintain good performance right to the end. But once they are dead, they are dead!!!! I had a Grasshopper leave the battery on (overnight) after recording the cycles one winter. The next day we used the one from the other A/C to get a start but then the dead battery did not even have enough in it to flash the field and bring the Generator on line!!!! I have never heard of running at 29.5v, I think I'll try that!
  9. That is cool, here is another view,
  10. "Pinch" fer you TQN By the way, you are invited too! Just 'cause :punk:
  11. You got it Rob, I know many a glass will be raised for Sandy!!!!!!! :blur: :up: HeliDoktor :angry: For your first post, you sure know how to "win friends and influence people"!!! :down: :down: :down: Feel free to elaborate if you have any intelligent thoughts. :angry:
  12. smoothair...... Whoever you are...... Don't "sweat" it...... :angry:
  13. I got this e-mail from Rob Soucy today and it delighted me to no end!!!!!!! :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: "Some of us former Peace employees have been talking about this for some time. I’d like to propose a get together in the Edmonton Area. Preferably during Golf season. Just want some input before making any commitments." The first Two weeks in August is a good place to start, The more input the better! PLEASE contact Rob with any input/suggestions. He will need a few who are not out of town all the time to help Plan and organize. (I am going to volunte
  14. Wow I did try to read that......I stopped just before my brain exploded! Hey Brian, could you dummy that up a bit for me? What dose that actually mean???
  15. I have worked with several Female engineers over the years, and have the UTMOST respect for them. :punk: These engineers need to be better, know more, and work harder than anyone else just because they are "Girls". Pilots are Pilots, and Engineers are Engineers. TITS OR NO TITS!!!! One of the best Engineers I have worked with is female, but a LARGE number of Pilots can not get over the gender thing. I could say or do the exact same thing and no Pilot would question it, but she gets the gears every time!!!! SHE KNOWS HER S**T!!! She is now (after 10 years licensed) gett
  16. **** Ya!!!!! :punk: Where is this poll on the site? I could not find it!
  17. Yes it is very different, which makes it more complicated to set up rules that need to apply to everyone. It will take a larger brain than mine!!! BTW I have worked of a base and 14 Hrs there is like 20 in the feild, cause it's solid work!
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