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  1. Wow, posting ads in BS Says something about Horizon I guess...
  2. I would hope that if there was some kind of left seat program that it would involve a ground component too. For me at least it made me respect everything and everyone so much more, and I feel like that gets lost when someone hasn't had to pay their dues and gets flying right away.
  3. Understood! The pandemic has certainly hurt the aviation industry as a whole but so long as you have drive and a bit of luck all will hopefully turn out, best of luck either way!
  4. Both options your going to pay alot of money to start out at the bottom and not make much money. Having friends who went the fixed wing route they generally started to fly sooner, but making less than I did once I got flying. If your worried about feeding a family I would invest that 80,000 in something better and keep your current job. There are always those opportunities that are few and far between where guys start flying right away, but expect to move the family
  5. Back when I was on the ground I made $12/hr (10 years ago). I worked my butt off but for a great group of guys who went through the same type of thing when they were low time/apprentices. What was more important to me than money was the opportunity, I could pay my bills and feed myself and I knew if I kept my head down I wasn't going to be on the ground for forever.
  6. Very cool thanks for posting!
  7. I'm curious what the situation must be like at schools, has training has stopped outright?
  8. Yeah that will throw a wrench into some companies operations for sure.
  9. When I went there they were pushing a "150 hour CPL" as a means of putting you ahead of the 100 hr guys, they also seemed to be alot more focused on the international students then the Canadian guys. That hopefully could have changed as that was a number of years ago now..
  10. If you can do your whole CPL on the 22, keep costs down and go from there. Once your done training your first job will be the biggest priority. If that company trains low time guys on their aircraft then it would be pointless to have spent more on endorsements if you don't need them. Each company could vary. If a rating will be required then you can decide at the time. I did the 44 rating in school and never flew it beyond the rating. I have friends who did only the 22 in school and have never been held back because they didn't have a 44 or 206 rating. Hope that helps
  11. Couldn’t agree with you more Bif! The guys at Valhalla and Wildcat would likely know what’s required to fly in Oz, but from what little I know there I assume they are flying C- Reg machines? If you have a lack of things to do, it’s possible to find companies putting job ads on very random hiring sites in an effort to make it seem like they are looking for Canadian employees.
  12. Good find. No shock there. I know quite a few guys that came to Canada with Quest and then ventured off to other companies after a season or 2. Quest isn’t the only place though who hires TFW’s or who actively looks for them.
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