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  1. I'm curious what the situation must be like at schools, has training has stopped outright?
  2. Yeah that will throw a wrench into some companies operations for sure.
  3. When I went there they were pushing a "150 hour CPL" as a means of putting you ahead of the 100 hr guys, they also seemed to be alot more focused on the international students then the Canadian guys. That hopefully could have changed as that was a number of years ago now..
  4. If you can do your whole CPL on the 22, keep costs down and go from there. Once your done training your first job will be the biggest priority. If that company trains low time guys on their aircraft then it would be pointless to have spent more on endorsements if you don't need them. Each company could vary. If a rating will be required then you can decide at the time. I did the 44 rating in school and never flew it beyond the rating. I have friends who did only the 22 in school and have never been held back because they didn't have a 44 or 206 rating. Hope that helps a bit.
  5. Couldn’t agree with you more Bif! The guys at Valhalla and Wildcat would likely know what’s required to fly in Oz, but from what little I know there I assume they are flying C- Reg machines? If you have a lack of things to do, it’s possible to find companies putting job ads on very random hiring sites in an effort to make it seem like they are looking for Canadian employees.
  6. Good find. No shock there. I know quite a few guys that came to Canada with Quest and then ventured off to other companies after a season or 2. Quest isn’t the only place though who hires TFW’s or who actively looks for them.
  7. I have seen a couple guys in their 40's get a start and make a career out of it. Keep in mind that past life experience isn't going to put you above sweeping floors and cleaning bathrooms just like everyone else! Best of luck and enjoy it!
  8. I know everything is pretty slow industry wide, and from what I hear the IFR side is quiet also. I am looking to make the switch, have been for years, to the IFR side and for an advantage I am looking to gain some twin time. Is there anywhere I should be looking to get into twin engine machines? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. really appreciate the insights gents. I did my training at MVH and enjoyed my time there. The person who I am posting this for is keen to stick around the Van area and has only heard great things about Chinook. I would say that 90% of the guys and gals I know both at the company I work for and others have attended Chinook and all say great things. Thanks again and any more insight, if not for me to pass on, will hopefully be seen by future students as well!
  10. Hello all, If you had to start all over again from picking a flight school where would you go between Chinook, Helicollege, and BC Helicopters? I have been asked which would offer the best course for someone wanting to start in this industry. Also, in terms of what machine(s) is best for training and for future employment (ie 47, 22, or 300)? Is there any advantage to spending the extra money on a 206 or 44 endorsements nowadays, or should the primary focus be on spending as little money as possible?
  11. Honestly, not being an instructor I'm not sure how it works. But I can imagine as long as they are a licensed instructor (or training pilot, not sure though hopefully someone will correct me) they can teach you. I imagine there is some kind of ciriculum that has to be followed on what you are taught. Again hope someone will correct me but I don't believe you can be taught sitting in a machine while it's doing commercial work, ie spraying Hope it all works out though!
  12. Ok, can't see why it wouldnt work. You'd have to talk to an instructor/school and make sure it works for them. It would be a huge savings provided your family member doesn't mind letting an aircraft do 100 hours of non rev.
  13. Just to confirm, relative has aircraft that you will supply to a school for flight training?
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