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  1. Koala if your wondering why your still in the industry and you have forgot what you love about it when you started, must be time to move on. LOL Stay positive heliguy44 there must be low time jobs out there I know 3 of them that have been called into numerous companies for check rides and interviews, they are out there because there is always a company that is willing to take on a keen low timer then a winnie high timer. light 'er up.
  2. Get a pair of sorels that are a size to big, get you wife or granny to knit up a pair of wool slippers, slip them on when you put your boots on and you'll not feel the cold anymore, I have been doing this for about 10 yrs now and my feet never get cold. you get some pretty funny looks when people see you slipping them on, but it is not about fashion out there in the cold it's about keeping warm.
  3. Now lets not start a just helicopters forum bashing here. I have worked both sides of the border. There are a lot of good U.S pilots out there. I guess nobody in Canada has ever punched off a load or got into LTE. We have a lot of pilots in Canada that should not be flying and are unsafe, it goes both ways. Don't make it sound like all U.S pilots are bad.
  4. Ya YA thats right, ya I'm lookin for a driver for my stash, ya thats right.
  5. I hope they broadcast the name of the pilot when it is revealed, I think his name needs to be out in the open.
  6. JFK hit it right on the nose, That is exactly what happend. Dont worry that will not set be a set back for Kachina.
  7. I wouldnt quit say a slow start, everything seems to be on schedule so far, a few of our 205's and the 407's have started earlier then normal. :punk:
  8. That is the first I heard of it, It might be some Client companies requirement like Shell in the past has required 212's for that work, but for the most part unless things have taken a turn in that direction Lately, I believe anything goes single or twin, I'm sure there are some folks here that will answer that quustion for you that are working in that department at this time.
  9. That is some funny stuff, what the **** happend there? Must of spilled his coffee. :shock: OH s&%$ OH S^%* go around , go around.
  10. You gotta be careful flying around the guests with camera what they think is cool may be something that cuts your throat and you do end up talking to the CP. if the wrong person gets ahold of it. I dont think that landing is as hairy as it looks, with the angle of the hills behind it and the flare combined with the turn. yes I'm sure it isnt the way we all learnt it in Flight school.
  11. Jetbox obviously you are bitter about it for a reason, lets put it this way, lets say B.C had alot of work, good fire season, logging everything is booming for the helicopters. Alberta is dead no fires, no sieismic, the Alberta company you work for decides to head west and try and pick up some work their. Would you disagree then. I'm sure you would be the first one through the door.. Alpine's bases employ full time Alberta employees on there bases and last I heard those employees pay Alberta taxes. Next we will hear that no out of province pilots should be able to fly for a out of provin
  12. What would you replace a 212 ski ship with? Anything out there close to being able to do such a good job? Or Siesmic drills? It would be nice but dont think it will happen anytime soon.
  13. Deep throat I knwo what you meant, the whole point of your topic was missed what you were talking about where the operators really dont have a established base and just a phone number and call it a base. As for Alpine's Hinton base they shut that down to let the locals that pay taxes in Alberta have a run at it, I guess guilt must have got the best of them.
  14. As far as I know our bases pay taxes in Alberta , so does it work vis versa then. for Companies in Alberta that have bases in B.C. What is the point here any ways, It sounds like the old topic of eastern operators out in the west stealing western work. Give ma a break.
  15. If you dont have a base and it is just a phone line that is forwarded then that is wrong, but if I have a well established base in Alberta and operates 1 or 2 machines out of it on a continuous basis, Then call in some bigger Iron and have a few mediums on contract in that province but are not from that base or that province, what is the deal, are we then to say if that aircraft doesnt normally work in that province it shouldnt be able to work there.
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