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  1. Thanks for the insight you two that's interesting stuff. Seems pretty specialized. I get that it has it's place like any high end specific skill we build, but seems like a lot of investment just to put a little bit of water on a tree. Both at the personal and company level - I can only imagine what a proper program would cost to build and implement. Interesting to see this, hope it works out for those involved and that everyone stays safe. Looks like Talon is taking the time to do it right (measuring in years so far). My neck hurts just thinking of having to bounce my head around trying to get good situational awareness while looking through or peering under the system. Hats off to the people taking up the challenge.
  2. I'm curious how well low level hazards can be assessed with NVG, wires in particular, do you have any insight into that?
  3. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures
  4. I'm not sure where this info came from but the quarantine act that is causing the 14 day issue is a federal thing. There is a consideration if you're looking to work in Canada though, in the province of Alberta at least, there is a requirement to be able to sign off on not having left Canada. They were saying 14 days but the latest guidelines say 24 days now. It's this limitation that is keeping me here in my days off instead of going home to Seattle where the wife and I have been living for her work. It's not all bad, lots of time in the home town to catch up with the extended family. Just left wondering if the fire centres of the various provinces will drop their requirements for quarantine when the feds do. Judging from Alberta upping their days in Canada requirement seemingly arbitrarily, I don't expect I'll be able to go home on my days off and still be useful to my employer in Canada.
  5. I actually did a season of this work, with this company. I worked hard, gained a wide variety of experience and made a little money too. While there was no hope of me becoming the go to spray pilot on site, the operator did everything they could to get me some stick time, going so far as letting me fly the machine for ferry and repositioning while they drove the five ton spray truck. A previous relationship with the operator and responding to their ad for industry relevant ground crew, which is clearly what they meant by the more colloquial term "100hr", enabled me to get a boost in flight time and a massive gain in general industry experience. Not all the ground crew staff hired for my season were pilots, some of the people just liked to work hard in the bush. Those that were pilots gained relevant, employable experience and a valuable life long contact in the industry.
  6. I recently took a type conversion ground school from them from CHL to PPL. That particular course isn't too substantial but it did show me of the high quality of their training. Prepared me well for the exam, was very user friendly and their support regarding technical and course questions is above and beyond. If the PPL course is any indication of their CHL course then I highly recommend.
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