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  1. Hope your not a Canadian heading overseas to take a locals job away!! :shock: Bladeslapper is not bad for Downunder way?! I wouldn't bother paying someone to "overhaul" your resume. Plenty of tips on line for that! Disclaimer . The first sentence is sarcasm....
  2. Australia is correct though , they do have a shortage as all there pilots are in Canada....
  3. The Industry gave me AIDS....Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome.... Wouldn't want to be doing anything else.
  4. Most Kiwis wouldn't work for Qwest anyway so I doubt Canadians would want to either!!
  5. Ok ill bite! I am a foreigner who has worked in Canada. I get paid the same and do the same tours as everyone else. Just remember a lot of us work all over the world not just in our country of origin! I love working in Canada and hope I can continue to do so. I world certainly not travel half way around the world for #### money and #### conditions!!
  6. Has anyone here tried one of these helmets? They look good , my 050 needs replacing....
  7. There was no "false information" posted just a simple question asked?! Ok Ill move on now...
  8. Yukon slow this year they are saying....Hopefully come the start of the season things change.
  9. Thought it was a genuine question? Cant really see the problem?!
  10. Very good information.....Next time I have my head out the door pulling 110%....I must think actually im pulling 3300 pounds of thrust.... I agree with above comment.
  11. One of the guys I work with has just brought one. Alot wider than a normal Gallet but not as tall . Personally I dont like it prefer my 050. He does reckon the comms are awesome though.
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