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  1. Good god gentlemen! The thread wavers... But "sometimes" returns...


    I have to tip my hat to the owners of Mustang for capturing some of the best people in the business for the most important roles. The new CP has an unblemished record of turning out good pilots, the new assistant Ops Manager (I just heard this tonight) is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar, the new DOM is a legend in the business... I suspect we have a wild horse on our hands; and P5's slags aside, a fair competitor in an open market.


    Bring it on boys!



    What a clever move Mustang. "Capturing some of the best people...." is an understatement. I'm quite certain there are many who will want to work with this very respected team of professionals.

  2. Rumor has it there is more to come for Mustang. They have attracted some great guys in the industry on both pilot and engineering sides. Big changes! Good changes! Maybe this was house cleaning not mass exodus????? only time will tell.


    NO B.S. ....Way to go Mustang!

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