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  1. Ops here just got into the new Cirro product. I got it on my phone, iPad and pc and it syncs across all devices. Works offline too, so far so good. Haven't played around with the other modules much yet but looks very promising.
  2. How does the new Advisory Circular No. 600-003 effect us? "Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems - Regulations Published in Canada Gazette Part 2 On July 4, 2012, Transport Canada announced new regulations requiring the installation and operation of Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS) in private turbine-powered and commercial airplanes configured with six or more passenger seats" "Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) is proposing regulations that require the installation and operation of TAWS for Commercial Air Taxi, Commuter and Airline Operations (Subparts 703, 704
  3. Seems like a mutual feeling on this issue....buy a big hammer and a spike (not gonna happen). Thanks for clearing up the bonding vs. grounding lingo.
  4. Does anybody have a good method of actually accomplishing the proper drum grounding procedure? Drums should be placed near grounding posts to allow for this connection and the sequence should be: (a) drum to ground; ( ground to aircraft; © drum to aircraft; and (d) nozzle to aircraft, before tank cover is opened. When disconnecting reverse the order d., c., b., a. It might be easy to do if you have a semi-permanent installation. How about remote fuel caches? It would be nice to avoid this: http://www.sandylake.firstnation.ca/press-release-wasaya-airplane-fire
  5. Just looking at the flight manual sup for the 407 power plus STC that increase both internal and external payload by up to 400 lbs as it claims. I did the reading and really.. their are no changes for the limitiations (section 1) of the flight manual suppliment except a decrease in generator load when recognizing the performance of the charts. These "perfomance gains" are only in section 4, performance secion of the POH. Aren't you still basically limited by the Torque and MGT from section 1? How does this new STC help out an operator or is it just fancy paperwork showing you what you c
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I tried a drill bit earlier to no prevail...must have been too large of a diameter. Just used a straight pick instead and now the swivel is in two pieces ready to work on. Much appreciated.
  7. I am stuck with this electric swivel with a single broken wire then happened to break internally. I have overhauled several other models that have had the same issue but this one stumped me. Any ideas who made this swivel? How to take it apart? or Where can I send it for overhaul/repair? The only markings on the swivel are "Double Dutch Ltd." and "SWL-3T" Thanks to all those that help.
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