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  1. And the new chief pilot doesn't stand behind his guys? I think he does. I have not seen the company become top heavy. The same positions have been there all along. Maybe if you could have done the job efficiently you would still be there. It is sink or swim. Not everyone can do the work they do and apparently you couldn't. It is crazy to see how this topic is going. A moderator should really shut it down.I thought flaming of companies was not allowed on the forums. The talk of crappy wages and rotation is being dealt with and they are going in the right direction. I will make 6 figures thi
  2. What do you have against the chief pilot? He is a great training pilot and a stand up guy. Or do you want his job so there can be a clean sweep of all upper management. I am sure to watch my back with you around there K.M. Hopefully we won't be catching the same bus anytime soon or you might just throw me under it to advance your career.
  3. What do you have against the chief pilot. I hear he is an excellent pilot and training pilot. Or is it that you want his job to make a clean sweep of upper management?
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