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  1. God bless 'em, one and all. Never forget. Because we musn't. Because we can't.
  2. So glad he was found so soon. My sincere condolences to family, friends and co-workers. Godspeed home and healing, one and all...
  3. Gah! So hard for the pilot's family and friends and co-workers...the not knowing. Strength, hope, courage, peace for all concerned.
  4. Very sorry for your industry's loss. Sympathies and condolences to all, with great memories to keep.
  5. We always have a wildfire season, but this one's brutal! Complex mix of hot/dry weather, high winds, lightning and stupid human behavior has made this season incredibly destructive. So thankful for all the hotshots on the ground, but there is no hope like the sound of helis, tankers and slurry bombers! You guys are so awesome! And so happy the Canadians are here, too! Simply the best! :punk: You are so very much appreciated! Be safe!
  6. Geh! Gutwrenching to see my beloved state in flames for weeks now! Lots of aircraft working feverishly and no idea if any Canadian helos or planes are here assisting at this point, but if so (or if ever!), here's an early thank you, thank you, thank you! Safety all!
  7. Just a quick note to say hey and thanks for posting the Vietnam-era/1st Cav images from Tucson on Photos From the Field a short time back. Rare to see these things here at Vertmag. Warmed me in the middle of a blizzard, it did! LOL. Cheers!

  8. Stop that, RTR! You know this crazy place! Ebbs and flows and steps over the line on occasion. Come back! And sorry 412d for whatever was said; glad I missed it. You guys!
  9. I have a ways to go to catch up with MMike, but uh... ...Forum Rules > Code of Conduct...just sayin'...
  10. Possibly all just a cosmically crazy coincidence. Yup.
  11. Very sorry for your loss. My sympathies to those who knew this young pilot.
  12. Very sorry for your loss, all. Heartfelt sympathies extended.
  13. Very sorry for the loss of your beloved Dad, Helipinch. My sincere condolences to you, your family and to all those who knew him. Comfort to all through cherished memories and a life well lived.
  14. Kudos, GSH crew! (Most of) everything else here... meh!
  15. Aw, cripes! I missed you before you unplugged! Good luck with the Sask move, SplittyJ and Sweetie!
  16. And now the snow (along with MMike's words...ha!) can melt on Cypress Mountain. Congrats Team Canada (Men's Hockey) on Gold. A fitting way to end the Olympics. Cheers!
  17. I can never tell if MMike is serious or exercising his tongue-in-cheek-humoUr muscle. Somewhere further back someone mentioned that the athletes do nothing to improve/enhance society. Many, many Olympic and professional athletes are highly involved in philanthropic, humanitarian, charitable and educational causes. The good ones, they find a way to give something back. Just 2¢ while killing time...waiting on Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White...
  18. Awesome for Mr. Bilodeau and for Canada! :up: That's what it's all about! Woohoo!
  19. BTW, Cypress Mountain looks great; kudos to those who groomed her! I tried telling people there's hay bales beneath the moguls and no one would believe me. HA! And nice job, Hannah!
  20. 'Twas just the guise under which it was done that I didn't care for, Chopperman. That is all. In a perfect world without pretext, that would happen daily. Vancouver bid on the Winter Olympics and won. Need snow for Winter Olympics. I see a can-do attitude/effort from a city with the resources and abilities to make it happen. Huge difference to me. Maybe that's just me and that is okay.
  21. She might not, but I will, MMike. *pinch* At least I don't see Vancouver rounding up homeless people and "treating them" to shampoos/haircuts/shaves to help project a certain image of the city to the world. That's exactly what Denver politicos did prior to hosting the Democratic National Convention. Now that's....how you say...ummm...putridly sickening. Anyhoo, the eyes of the world are upon your fair city and may it end up in the black and not the red! Let the games begin!
  22. Uh-oh! Now you've gone and added God to the "Close Call" equation, Oban! :punk: Beef; it's what's for dinner.
  23. Yes, they're planning on covering up the hay bales with 3 feet of snow. After all that work, hope the temps stay on the chilly side! Vancouver gets, on average, 22" of snow per year. Colorado mountains, on average, 64" per year. We were actually chosen to host the Winter Olympics in '76 and turned it down. Anyhoo...love Vancouver and BC; hope it's a boost to the economy and glad someone's getting to work on the snow haul! If it were colder, they'd just bring in snow machines, so lucky the heli ops who get to haul the white stuff. Make it sa-weet and well-groomed for Lindsey Vonn and Alic
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