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  1. One last try, watch this interview all the way through and then just think about it for a while https://www.bitchute.com/video/EKMJKHbIO22z/
  2. You either didn't listen to the interview or you didn't understand what he was saying. He said that there were now three studies in the States that showed that our natural immunity recognized the covid virus and produced a natural reaction after a few days not four weeks. He also explained that the vax now will attack your own blood vessel cells (which causes the clotting). [this is a quote from a commenter on bottom linked interview.] If it requires coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, 24/7 advertising, fear mongering , silencing of dissenting opinions and experts, slandering
  3. Why get the jab? https://tv.gab.com/channel/realalexjones/view/doctor-exposes-covid-vaccine-attacking-blood-6155ff91153e0a6ab9e5ef93
  4. While we squabble, masks or not, vax or not our private property rights have been quietly signed away by our government (UN agenda 21 and UNDRIP) I find it sad AND funny that people think that putting what amounts to a paper napkin on their mouth would make any difference to anything. What about that test, PCR is it called? Its own inventor said it was not to be used for covid. I thought it was a DNA test? Also there is lots of information from our own Canadian Denis Rancourt who did a compilation of studies that conclude that masks do nothing where covid is concerned (he cites the CDC am
  5. I DID answer your question, and I quote, "Manufacture a villain, one who incidentally has changed is appearance a few times in the ten years or so he has been paraded in front of us." I guess I should have spoken more plainly for your benefit... it's hard to show someone, dead or alive if they never existed. That isn't to say that a person with that name didn't exists, just not the person they made him out to be. Show a picture of a man with a beard and a turban hundreds if not thousands of times and tell the public he's the enemy (yes, a guy is waging a war on the most powerful and tec
  6. The free thinkers among us will always question the government. I suspect that in pre-world war 2 Germany some questioned whether it was in fact Hitler's own Brown Shirts that attacked the parliament which gave Hitler the excuse to institute martial law to "protect" the people. Fast forward to today, we have a massive military industrial complex that is suckling off the taxpayers teat. With the end of the cold war there was the possibility of an end to hyper military expenditures but this is not in the interest of those who profit from it so what to do... Manufacture a villain, one who in
  7. Well if you want to believe that when you die you go to Heaven, or Elysium or where every it is your specific religion sends you as a reward for venerating some invisible all encompassing god then fine. From what I have seen so far, other than that somewhat questionable reward it doesn't offer much except the fuzzy warm feeling that things just don't end when you die. There are those of course who use it as a tool (usually on the uneducated though not less intelligent) to control and tax them. One other "minor" trait is that it is used to turn women into second class citizens in most cases.
  8. AND a big thanks to our politicians and bureaucrats for screwing both the soldiers and the taxpayers. http://www.casr.ca/ft-selling-off-chinooks.htm Don't get me started on what B$ the whole democracy for Afghanistan, 9-11/Bin Laden thing was/is, no kidding they didn't show the body after he was "killed", many believe that he never even existed but was a contrivance of the Americans in order to justify giving tax money to defense contractors while at the same time taking away the civil liberties of its own citizens. Time will tell where this whole thing is going. Remember how Hitle
  9. ...and this is what "8 out of 10 found work" looks like in most cases. Sorry to hear that DirtyBH47. My experience was similar, the old "work hard on the ground and you will get your chance" carrot. I had two false starts for a total of three years of no flying but I could clean ANYTHING like nobody's business, LOL. Trucks, cars, hangar (or is it hanger?) floors, snow from parking lots, even wrench on rotary and fixed wing, build fences, haul gravel, and all sorts of other $#!% not related to flying helicopters in the least way. I was the same way, running out of money but managed to get
  10. Come on, you know you were thinking it too... ha ha ha
  11. I'd be curious to know where all those graduates from big schools or any school are, I haven't seen a 100 hour pilot in years myself. What are they doing, driving trailers delivering fuel, sweeping, washing, answering the phone, carpentry, mowing the lawn, roofing (did i miss anything)? One thing for sure, they aren't flying, at least not within my eye site! The biggest joke in this industry is the same schools that take money from Canadians and painting them such a rosy picture (it's a good time to do your license, the [insert name of certain demographic] is about to retire...) are the sam
  12. Trucking, I have contemplated the similarities many times and the great differences. Know a few guys who have jumped ship and gone to work in the patch, good for the most part except for the night shift which studies show is quite literally killing people as we human mammals were not meant to be awake at night. The seasonal slowdowns are a drag for sure not to mention the cyclical (pardon the pun) ups and downs of the years, this makes it very stressful for the VFR pilot. At the end of the day you have to be able to pay your bills. W.
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