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  1. People who blindly trust government, the biggest killers of people throughout history. Also, tipping up fuel drums, bed bugs, cross country commutes, passive aggressive co-workers, unsupportive management, searching for and running for gates at terminals between flights, -49*C, being given the biggest piece of junk machine in the fleet and then getting crap when it breaks down, there's got to be more!
  2. Dividing us is all part of the plan, some just don't want to or can't see it. I have lost a relationship, a sister and a hand full of friends not to mention my job. I haven't worked to speak of in two years and the government's printing of money has significantly reduced my net worth. I shake my head that there are people who would laugh and say thanks for the extra work because they took the jab because of course i had a "choice". I am not sure, is it Stockholm syndrome or mass formation psychosis that causes people not to be able to think outside of what the government is "feeding" them
  3. No where do i see a rant regarding 47G's posts, he just presents information counter to the government paid media and by extension the government themselves. As for shutting down this thread and censorship and cheering it on and justifying it because it is a privately owned site, that is good for those who only want their voice heard until it happens to you on some other subject. This is my edit on a very famous poem from many years ago, lets see if you all can make the connection... FIRST THEY CAME... First they came for the small shop owners and I did not speak out becau
  4. The bankers will ensure we stay in debt. The pharmaceutical companies will ensure we stay sick. The weapons manufacturers will ensure we keep going to war. The media will ensure we are prevented from knowing the truth. The government will ensure that all of this is done legally.
  5. Canadian Dr speaks out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMLkrEfkx4A
  6. Instructing....hmmmmm, thinking, thinking. Maybe since i have the requisite 250 hours pic, instead of being a sucker i could reel them in instead? Now why didn't i have that stroke of genius 30 years ago? (face palm + SMH) LOL if i may?
  7. I have been flying since 1990 and NEVER have i been instructed or assessed by someone who had 250 hours (maybe fixed wing?), in fact i have never flown with someone who was teaching or evaluating me that had less hours than me though too many i flew with had little "Richards". But... like i said before that was made up for by some really good teachers/mentors. My least favorite would be... now there's a can of worms!
  8. Imagine, instructing with 100 hours... Talk about the blind leading the blind! My list of favorite instructors includes Bob K (RIP), Bob L, Rocky S and Marty C, all great guys who could teach without berating/belittling and you walked away having learned something not feeling like you just survived a war with PTSD.
  9. This is EXACTLY why it gets my teeth on edge when i hear one of those down under guys on the radio or at an airport/fire base. It's the guys who come up here with "1000" hours of cattle mustering (nobody EVER checks and that's what they count on) and take an entry level/low hour job away from a Canadian citizen. I have no problem if a company is looking for medium or heavy drivers or guys with special skills and they can't fill the seat but when you hire guys just to save a buck, you are in the end only cutting off your nose to spite your face, Canada looses all around.
  10. Everywhere except Canada it seems, G'day mate, ya, ya, ya... FM! Do you think i could go one summer without hearing that?
  11. Covid is just the distraction, while we struggle with masks or not, vaxx or not, employment or not our elected officials and bureaucrats behind the curtain are quietly removing our private property rights, our right to travel, our right to assemble, banning protest, our ability to use cash money and bringing in digital id and digital currency and now seizing peoples bank accounts. TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT ! Until the people wake up and you impact the World Economic Forum affiliated politicians and big businesses that run government and are supporting and driving the lock downs, nothing is going to c
  12. I can second that! flew into Wawa in light snow, took on fuel and hummed and hawwed about the weather and continuing on and after a waiting for a "break" in the weather fired up and headed south. That trip, even in those little hills haunts me to this day, crawling along in very poor vis (but still half mile of course) i made it to Eliot Lake with MINUTES TO SPARE before legal dark AND my GPS died three miles back, thank God for the runway lights, like a Christmas tree in the distance to guide me home. Thankfully the lady who ran the terminal had heard my radio call and had turned on the l
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