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  1. Yes saw it in the hangar 2 or 3 years ago.I believe the plan was to use it for training, cheaper on maintenance than your regular certified medium. CT
  2. 40 years in this industry and I agree with the "don't move for a Company" I never did myself, but I also understand that for young pilots (starting their career) this could be their only chance to get a start in this industry. Not many companies will pay flight tickets for a 100hr pilot to come and do 3 week tours to help in the hangar and do ground runs once in a while. It sure a lot easier to move around when in your 20's than in your 40"s or 50's. CT
  3. Their 412 are up for sale on Controllers. CT
  4. OK. Got it. I misread your post. I thought the photo you received was from a different time and aircraft. CT
  5. Olympic Helicopters, Air Alma flying FH1100's, Trans Quebec/ Trans-Canada Helicopters, Viking/Helair, Northern Mountain, Resources Heli, Associated Heli, Heli-Excel. CT
  6. For me it was 18.8 hrs done in a 26 hrs period during the Uranium rush in 1980 up in the Arctic. With that comes a little bit more than 700 landings and take-off for the day doing sole samplings. Add many days in between 12 and 15 hrs .Done with a B206L Off course that was way before the new CARs CT
  7. I did and more than once when I was working at High Altitude in the Chilean Andes (B205). Also experienced many times the "retreating blade stall condition" as well. The reason being is I was exceeding the limits of the aircraft. Experienced the same with a B204 in the Rockies especially with a -13 in it. Never had that problem with the -11. Video of one instance of LTE, the beginning anyway. The operator sitting in the back was filming at the time but stopped when we entered LTE. Too bad it would have been a good instruction video on how to recover from the condition without loosing the
  8. Transwest didn't buy GSH, the old owner of Transwest did, not the same thing. Pat Campling is not Transwest anymore as far as I know.
  9. I think it's going to happen, it's already started but I am in the same situation, too old to see it through but will catch the beginning of it. CT
  10. Yes, 2 with a FH1100 in super heavy duty snow, twice the engine flamed out and twice the auto-relight got it going again till i could find an open spot for landing and 1 with a B206 but couldn't find why it flamed out and relighted. I made sure to arm the auto-relight when one was available after that. CT
  11. I use Fido and also cheaper than Telus (in Quebec) even have the home phone with fido at $13 a month unlimited calling Canada. CT
  12. Excelent post Teabagger, hope more young pilots will read this. CT
  13. I am with Chairmaofthebored in regards to HTS, Worked there and flew from the 204 to the 61 including the ST. Was always paid on time and always to the standard of the industry, never missed a paycheck. I was there at the beginning of the ST with HTS, incredible aircraft, did have a bit of a maintenance problem with it at the beginning but it was more out of inexperience with the type than anything else. Barely anybody new them. Did contract work for them this winter again on the 205 and ST, excelent maintenance and ame's would work for them again no problems. CT
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