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  1. Unfortunately, Millenia is no longer at GP. I did some looking into this. I am just curious as to where I could train if I take a job based out of these cities...
  2. I've decided to take a Patch job again and work and fly in my time off. Unfortunately this is the only feasible way for me to pay for my license. I guess the question is two-fold, Are there any schools in the GP or Fort St. John area? And has anyone else worked and built their hours this way? Ok Three questions How long did it take? Thanks in advance Mike
  3. duf

    Hrdc Funding

    I am in Ontario. Can I use this program to go to BC. One counsellor says NO, others say YES. Anyone do this?
  4. duf

    Hrdc Funding

    Thanks fellas, keep em coming. Does anyone know a contact within AES that I could ask about that letter? How about a link to that TC info?I am canvassing the site but no luck so far..
  5. Hello, I am (finally) in the process of dealing with HRDC to secure funding for training. It's a long shot but I have been offered a pretty good deal in the past, but had to refuse. I am applying for my full commercial license, so I have heard from the horses mouth that they have fully funded students in the past. I have plenty of oil and gas experience. the counsellor I had and interview with today, told me I should gear my proposal towards a career in aviation within oil and gas and touch on my experience. I just wouldnt mind some advice on the do's and don't's of this process fr
  6. Had a customs agent, quiz (interogate) me on marijuana and my possible invlovement with it at the North Portal at North Dakota, because I had hemp lip balm in my coat pocket and a pack of matches from a hemp shop under the seat of car. These guys treated me like the Taliban.. and the young guy was real eager to get his finger in my bum.. NO JOKE. It was awful. You can imagne the conversation I had with myself about America all the way to Ontario
  7. Well done Hurler! There was an 8 BILLION dollar surplus in the Ei fund last year. Have at 'Er!!!
  8. Watched someone doing hover training today at GSLH Springbank in a 500. Also noticed a Porsche Cayenne parked in the VIP spot out fron of the office. Owner or Student??
  9. I checked out Bighorn personally last spring. I was real impressed and added them to my short list of potential schools. The big cheese showed me around and was very honest and professional.
  10. Guilty of a fathead as wel. Great thread folks. Now I know for sure who you are... W Squared---It's MD from USL. Get in Touch!!! PS. He really does have a melon that would deliver a mean liverpool kiss
  11. Hey W Squared! Get out of your shack and go check your equipment! Yes, it's true. I quit the evil empire down in Crowsnest. Taking a different route to CPL... Give me a buzz and let me know where you are training again! Mike
  12. Thought I would bring this one back to the top again... I have saved it and watch it whenever I need a little push If anyone wants to host it.... pM me
  13. Old School Oilpatch saying #456: No _____ in the patch. (it rhymes). I wish I had rich parents
  14. Can I use them in Bring Cash? Er.. I mean.. BC?
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