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  1. Was my reply even the slightest correct? I have the PPL, and I thought I would try to show some knowledge. I was sure what I typed was relatively correct. Dan
  2. Hi mate. As I say - its easy when you know the answer. Soon, you will too Roll rate is the "rate" the aircraft turns. How many degrees in heading it changes, per minute. If you picture a turn coordinator for a second, or click this link to look at ... http://www.aircraftinstrument.com/turn.html ... you will see that there are 2 marks in the bottom corners. These mean something. That something is the "rate" of turn. When the miniature aircraft wings are on a line (depending on whether the plane is banked left or right), it means it will do 360 degrees in 2 minutes. Thats why it says "2 MIN" at the bottom in the middle. From this, you can work out any "rate" of turn, using the turn cooordinator. Lets say that the bank angle required to get a "rate" of 360 degrees in 2 minutes is 15 degrees; you know that at 30 degrees, you will do it in 1 minute. Using this mental equation, you can work out any "rate" turn. Try to use the Attitude Indicator/Artificial Horizin, whatever you may call it, with the TC. I suggest this because you can see any degree of bank on the AI. The rate of turn indicator shows the rate, not the bank angle in degrees (except the 15 degree angle to give the RATE of turn of 360 degrees, in 2 minutes, by default). They expect you to work from this. I hope you understand my mini example to give you the idea, and are able to apply it to different rates of turn Good luck, and post again for more clarification. Smooth skies, and happy rate one turns... Dan
  3. I am English, with myy Canadian Licenses. I will eventually imigrate to Canada as a pilot and maybe a second job. I have family so I can come in. I am not only moving to Canada within 3 years for flying. I love the country. I cannot say one thing about. Dont take your wonderful country for granted. I know you may complain about it, but it you even start comparing it to England, then after about 5 minutes you will be glad to be Canadian I tell you. I have done lots of reading about the two countries, and I live in one of them! I am allowed to use my PPL from Canada in the UK. I will be allowed to use my CPL in the UK. I will not be allowed to fly abroad with either. I will not have to convert to JAA/JAR as I do not wish to enter pilot employment in this country. I shall start it in Canada. Hope this helps... Smoth skies, Dan
  4. Daniel


    Can we do polls here? It would be interesting to see what the majority of people feel... An instructor with lots of experience A fresh instructor with all the knowledge Well, to me, both sound professional enough. I suppose I can speak from experience. My PPL was taught by two main instructors at the good old victoria flying club in YYJ BC. One of the instructors was English just like me, and I was his FIRST student, EVER! I felt very comfortable with him. He knew everything, and I did not have any quarms against him. Then, when I flew with my other instructor who had been and still is an instructor, for a few years before me, he treated me exactly the same, and ran the same "program" during my 2 hour daily slots. Come to think of it, the more experienced one was more "lenient", and would be a little less "by the book" although that is said in the lightest of ways. Someone above said "do W&B only if absolutely neccersary". Well, tell that to the English first time new guy instructor and he might lecture you by the book and tell you to do a re-test! Where, the more experienced would be less likely to have a heart attack if you told him that, and come to an agreement that that is probably quite true. IMO (in my opinion), I think both types, through experience, are perfectly up to the job, and I admire any professional pilot for getting where they are today Smooth skies Dan
  5. Yes thanks for that I was just making a point that I have clocked many hours, in "very high thousands". Its a shame I think, that I did not start the flight sim log book when I first sat at Flight Sim 95 all that time ago... You get the point tho Smooth skies, Dan
  6. I would be able to assist running a "Flight Simulation" forum. Probably clocked over 20,000 hours on flight sims since being about 14...Now 18. I am availbile much of the time and since im 8 hours ahead the west of Canada and 5 hours ahead of the east (most of it) I will be able to check it out when you are all asleep. Well, just a thought...Im very much availbile and would be privelaged to assist the boss.. Smooth skies, Dan.
  7. Well, Here we go with this forum! What are the requirements for the aerobatics rating? What are the privelages and how do you get one? Yuo can take passengers up right? With this licence, can you fly in airshows or must you have a CPL also ? Smooth skies, Dan
  8. Daniel


    Not a high time guy, but I think that such a decision should be made at the interview. Some people "use" flight instruction careers as a way of building time and getting paid, and then leaving without a true passion for teaching people and sharing ones love for flying. If they show they really wish to do such a job, perhaps they should do "dirty work" first, and making themselves known around the airfield, and then after 6 months if they have not left due to boredem, the Flight Training Center will know who really wants to be an Instructor and who is in it for money and time. Any good? Smooth skies, Dan
  9. Hi. Ill be going to YYJ (Victoria BC) this Sunday, 16th March. Am interested to know if there is much to do at Miniapplois (Excuse the spelling folks). I have to stop over from the Gatwick flight to change, and I dont really want to be staring at the timetable for a few hours. I went to miniappolis airports on Flight Sim, but they were grass strips and when I''ll be in a 747-400, its not really my type of runway surface Smooth skies, Dan.
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