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  1. Yes.....a very Merry Christmas to all, and a safe, and prosperous New Year ahead of us.
  2. Even a simple statement as that, and TC will easily misunderstand it
  3. For those that knew Willie...Godspeed my friend. Steve Wilson's service will be held on Nov. 01,2015, from 1:00-4:00 at the Eagles Hall, 1999-14th Ave, Campbell River, BC.
  4. Interesting enough....not according to some manufacturers.
  5. I am still in shock and disbelief over this tragic accident. My heart goes out to Steves wife Leanne and their 3 boys. The helicopter industry lost a great guy, I, and many other that knew him will mourn the loss of such a good friend for years too come. Godspeed Steve Wilson...you will truly be missed.
  6. As I have been flying in Istanbul, our customer wants us recording engine time. Interesting with a Crane, as it has 3 turbine engines....lol
  7. By the way...that should read, awash in red ink.
  8. The turnover is high, the wages substandard, poorly structured upper management, poorly maintained aircraft, lack of training....I was being nice.... Some have managed too be lucky with them....most not so much. This is from prior employees that have worked there, and I work with now. Observing them operate cranes in the field with dropped towers, broken down equipment, and USFS grounding all their cranes a couple of years ago, reiterates what we hear. For those that are employed and working there and your happy....you are rare. And as for HNZ....your right CoftheB, good luck with a company awake in red ink and globally laying of hundreds.
  9. I doubt anyone leaving HTS would consider it a hardship...... :0
  10. My career is hardly what one would call illustrious...as for being inflated, I doubt you would think that if you met me as I have never taken myself serious.....after this many years, i have nothing to prove to anyone. You seemed to think my opinion was funny as I am working overseas.....my point was to say that my roots are still strong in Canada. I am certainly as patriotic as anyone, and invested my time and own money to try and get HEPAC up and running as some of us could see a wealth of benefits with government funding to (get this), train, mentor, and develope Canadian talent....as for instructing, I felt it was a very small way to give something back to an industry that I love. Many foreign students come to Canada, get their licences and experience, most go home, convert and fly in their respective countries. My local MLA at one point dreaded seeing me walk through her front door. Yes, TT you sound more than qualified, and I am pleased you are "standing firm" in your fight to help those, as you say..."Canadians being F____D"!!! And please, if you feel the need to take more cheap sarcastic shots at me, fill your boots....I like a good laugh.
  11. Sure, why not.....your point is???? Last time I checked, this was a forum to express opinions and ideas.
  12. Tree Top....why would you think it strange I would be commenting? I work contract for EAC, still log on occasion when needed, hold a C.P. position for a small company in YNJ, I do consulting and COM applications, crew placement for a couple of recruiting firms, manage and fly a private owners aircraft, and still instruct up at Chinook in YXX....I am still very (very) active in our Canadian industry, at least in western part of Canada. I feel reasonably qualified to comment......perhaps you think otherwise?
  13. It does have a lot do with NAFTA Maury......EAC has aircraft and flight crew from all over the globe and we get moved around frequently which means if I get moved out of a logging slot, they will bring in another pilot from elsewhere. Does this seem fair, probably not looking from the outside. CAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Erickson...which means any flight crew hired these days is strictly done though them....I know of a Canadian pilot that just got hired from Vancouver Island as an example. Sorry Hazy....but I can count on one hand the amount of US pilots logging in Canada at this time....again, very, very few openings as there really is not much of a shortage of experienced production pilots with way more your flight hour number you posted....in the world of heavies, 3,000 hours is considered a low time pilot and would have little chance of getting into a seat unless there is a huge recovery in the lumber industry. I am certainly not trying to discourage anyone here...heck, there are many aging pilots (me) in Ericksons system that warrants them to start bringing in younger flight crew to replace us....my point is, if flying a crane is your goal, never give up and keep building those vertical reference skills and hours. Cheers, Bob
  14. I see you know little of what has transpired in the logging arena. Every pilot in BC logging are Canadians, and every maintenance crew member is also Canadian......the only time a U.S., Austrian, Italian, or Kiwi, (etc), pilot comes up, is to do fill in if one gets sick and can not perform their duties. The power line work is a bit different as it is speciality work but still uses a mix of Canadian and American flight crews. It's not just Aircrane here...Sillers Brothers and HTS also heavily use Canadians south of the border. In fact, Sillers maintenance crews are about 80 % Canadian. Endorsements....I witness pilots every year get transitioned into the crane, no matter how experienced they are, it is a slow transition to make a captains position and comes at quite an expense to the company. Training is continuous and progressive. Sure there are some capable longline pilots....still only 1 in 30 makes a production logging pilot. As Aircrane is grapple only, being a pilot is only a small part of the equation, you are also your own rigger and quality control guy wrapped in one ......want to guess the cost of training pilots to recognize wood species, weights, and work a strip efficiently to be cost productive? The world of heavies is a different beast...it takes time for anyone to transition in, as there really not that many aircraft in Canada and positions do not come up often...those there, will stay as long as possible as it is without a doubt, the highest paid and one of the best rotation jobs in the industry.
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