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  1. a 214 endorsement? how far did you bend over?? :shock:
  2. B3 on Everest Exciting? Well, then what next? Maybe eight thousanders peak hopping
  3. DTII we're still waiting.... as for the batteries: 2 AA doesn't sound like a whole lot of transmitting with a satellite phone...
  4. got mine yesterday!! SWEEET!!! :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
  5. As a lowtimer and avid lurker on this forum i can only second prior posts from our oldhightimers... And thanks to all the members that give some kind of industry insight with their comments. They are really informative. (Lately it was getting a bit grotesk though) I would love to know more of you guys personally! well, you see I do REALLY want that calendar
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