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  1. Thank -you Fred and Kevin for your discussion and that’s what this about isn't it, open minded nonjudgmental discussion to strengthen the group, promote safety and preserve the well-being of our Industry.P5 and Oil pressure say it best. I agree the 42/5 was an example and no one’s disputing the fact that change is needed; you have 700 pilots agreeing on that as pointed out by VH in a petition. Which I support 100% change is needed. That’s amazing in its own right getting so many going the same way at the same time. Before Vertical and internet it was done before anyone had a say and you and
  2. Guys, After so many years of watching these issues go round and round and wondering who is making the rules that i have to live by as a 10,000 hr born and raised Canadian Helicopter pilot I have to comment. For if i don't the next time I'm in a tent on on a fire doing 14 hr days because they say i can,for 42 days in a row becuse they say i can. Feeling dog tired because its been at the end of a 100 foot line putting drills together with guys under me ,living in a camp with limited or no family contact again for 6 weeks. Or 2 miles in smoke with 4 Machines in the curcuit ,just
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