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  1. Thank -you Fred and Kevin for your discussion and that’s what this about isn't it, open minded nonjudgmental discussion to strengthen the group, promote safety and preserve the well-being of our Industry.P5 and Oil pressure say it best. I agree the 42/5 was an example and no one’s disputing the fact that change is needed; you have 700 pilots agreeing on that as pointed out by VH in a petition. Which I support 100% change is needed. That’s amazing in its own right getting so many going the same way at the same time. Before Vertical and internet it was done before anyone had a say and you and I were out doing what everyone thought was best, while most have never been. The regs are opted for change due to a large Industry outcry. Change was needed cause what they could do legally was Dangerous and people paid dearly, proven a tired pilot is a dangerous pilot. We have a chance for change through the efforts of individuals who are passionate about safety and taking the time and effort to represent us all and again for that I’m in support. VH in particular, THX. No scientist, guess that’s why I’m a Helicopter pilot but no one can tell me you fly the same and use the decision making process at the end of a six week tour or end of a 14 hr. day as opposed to the start of the day or tour. Once again we all seem to agree change is needed 700 industry voices. What I fear for is we have a chance for change and are petitioning against it. Make sense? Not disagreeing that some of the recommendations are not relevant to the cause but would like to know when we pass on it where do we go from here or does it stay the same, the devil you know or the devil you don’t. just some more Food for thought. Someone has also put a lot of time and effort into these recommendations, Transport fatigue studies etc. They must have some valid points? Or are we smarter? Now to get the buzz out of my pedals, VH you mentioned your management but not looking at it from that perspective. Well your comment has me confused you said: If I don't like how I'm being treated I can very easily move over to a different company. And some companies could be abusive and others not. That’s why we’re here to begin with isn’t it to mitigate that. Correct me if I’m wrong but rules, regulations, constitutions, amendments, laws are written to rule out or in its least best minimize abuses, in Canada anyway. No snippets guys and not looking for a fight, following you and supporting you, just want to make sure we have thought this through and not going to shut down the good engine. Helicopter, airplane, balloon, kite, off- shore, on-shore, VFR/IFR, away from home is away from home, long days are long days,
  2. Guys, After so many years of watching these issues go round and round and wondering who is making the rules that i have to live by as a 10,000 hr born and raised Canadian Helicopter pilot I have to comment. For if i don't the next time I'm in a tent on on a fire doing 14 hr days because they say i can,for 42 days in a row becuse they say i can. Feeling dog tired because its been at the end of a 100 foot line putting drills together with guys under me ,living in a camp with limited or no family contact again for 6 weeks. Or 2 miles in smoke with 4 Machines in the curcuit ,just about the same as a A340 at 39,000 ft on auto pilot the only person i could blame is myself for not commenting. 42 on with a 5 reset,remember touring gig so at least 1 day of travel on both ends leaves three off,most of the time 2 of travel cause thats where we choose to work,so lets got even go home. No replacement,more work came up,only an other week,training never worked out, weather,again you know the rest.There is not a guy in the seat that has not been extendend because they can. With all respect to those who are challanging this issue,I applaud you for im sure its not easy.But the rules are rules ,So to say no operators are using the current flight and duty time regs is not correct,they can and do .So you be ready to do it for if not others will and your not a team player.Its a short season,nature of the business you know the rest. All I`m saying is lets call a spade a spade,if the operators don`t want to pay more travel and have to hire more crews just say it,dont use crutchs and asume no one knows whats at stake here. Immagine a Helicopter pilot with a family life,they did it in the North Sea ,took some doing but the Clients coined up,after doing a similar study as T.C and found retention in the industry ,safety and over all morel was greatly increased. The operators want to squeez ,put a little on the bottom line maybe or some on the client not always the drivers and fixers.You guys have the floor.Now im on this: How come people from all over the world can come here and work here with low time and ease,stay in house for three years working for what ever wages and tour lenghts with no worries about flight and duty times cause there not staying anyway,then go home with time and go to work for global standard wages and rotations.Just kind makes me feel foolish some times. So to the guys that are on our side and talking for us,think about us as we say good bye to our 4 yr sons and daughters for 5-6 weeks at a time. Such a love hate relationship with these machines,gotta go but thanks for listening. Guys be safe 100 kts comes fast with an empty long line after 6 weeks, Just my Thoughts Cheers
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