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  1. Ask me to sign in even though I say to remember me. Than when I try to sign in it says I must enter a user name, which I do, and do every time it asks. Basicaly I can sign in most of the time. Have not used the site much lately, don't have time to fiddle with it.
  2. Pretty straight forward, its in the CAR's and in your OPS manual. If its not, you can't do it. Supposed to be covered in annual rec. training. ( Years ago what HeliRico said was soooo true! ) now all it takes is word of mouth or someone with a camera to ruin your day.
  3. Three hours of training with a U.S, instructor, you must do the written exam and a PPH flight test. This will give you a full US license.
  4. Contact Culhane they make a great series of manuals that cover the subject. Print off the requirements from the Transport Canada web site. 30 hrs of training required about 2 months by the time your done, but usually it takes 3 months. You will be required to make lesson plans. Learn powerpoint, have fun.
  5. Major hassle bringing a gun, I have done a similar trip last fall. Great trip.
  6. Time for operaters to step up and develop some young low time pilots and work with customers that are requiring these high minimums. This is not an easy task, and requires dedication and some expense on the part of the operator. Educate them on what true safety is, just because a foreign pilot has the hours does not make him capable, why do you think Canadian pilots are in such demand! They are well trained and well rounded. Helicopter Companies always take the cheapest solution instead of working with and developing young talent which could lead to a dedicated employee.
  7. Doesn't matter who your doctor is, it must still be reported. See a therapist to start ( best comment ). You will be suprised how they can help. I have some experience with this.
  8. It also takes time! Many pilots put in 5 or more years working hard for their employer before there is promotion or recognition.
  9. One thing to keep in mind, it also takes time. Do not expect to put in a year or two and get the world handed to you. It may take 5 years of dedication before there is real recognition. Remember lots of pilots have been with there employers for many many years.
  10. Joel: Give me a call if you want at the base Pieter
  11. Sincerest condolences from all the staff at Canadian Helicopters / HNZ Topflight school in Penticton. Pieter, Jan, Tim, Mel, Dave, Vern, Jim, Kent, Miles
  12. Most intrecom boxes automatically cut off the Com1 and Com2 audio output when the FM is keyed. Try to make sure the antenna wires are not near the inercom wires running about the a/c. Good Luck!
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