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  1. Spend more time in the employment section and you might have better luck finding a job. If that fails jump in your car and knock on some doors, that's quite an effective method too.... :-) On a serious note, I do sympathise with you guys if it seems every job you go for is taken by a kiwi or an Aussie but none of us come here with the intention of 'stealing jobs' nor do we come here to work for crap pay and ****** conditions. Yes we may put up with more than the average Canadian pilot but that is because even what you consider to be ****** is still often far better than what we could even dream of back home. Personally I wouldn't work for less than my Canadian peers and haven't met another foreigner that would or has. Thats not to say those guys are not out there and in all honesty I am sure this is not strictly limited to those pilots from outside of Canada but these types are the minority nonetheless. We as foreigners come here for a number of reasons. The flying aspects are well known however generally speaking the Canadian people are great hosts which adds to the experience that is living and working in this great and spectacular country of yours. During my time in Canada I have never once met a Canadian pilot that openly had a problem with me as a foreigner. Possibly because they were being polite, perhaps because they already had a job and couldn't care less about there fellow countrymen that didn't. Reading a thread like this gives the impression that there are hundreds or thousands being left jobless as a result of foreign pilots. Personally given my experience in Canada I don't believe this is the case. If it were then surely we would be met with pitchforks and protests when we arrive.... It's always the squeaky wheel that wants the oil whilst the others happily go about their business. Sometimes it's just easier (not cheaper) to replace the squeaky wheel. Sure blame the government and legislation and in 10 years time after constant lobbying you might get somewhere. In the meantime foreign pilots will continue to come and work whilst you busy yourself posting your thoughts and views online. Or as the minority you could take a look at yourself and ask why would a foreign pilot get a job before you but not the other Canadians working for the same company under the same conditions?? Helmet on, chinstrap fastened, please excuse me whilst I take cover......
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