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  1. Dear Phil , I receive your AS350 book , Thank you very much , myself, Gary (Krebs)and Jean (Handfield) went quickly trough it and we would like to meet you at the HAI or HAC to promote your very good book. We will read carefully and we will like to update with you (if you agree). There is an update than can be useful for your book is our new model B3E, so please say in touch with us. I would like to have your e mail, please send me claude.roy@eurocopter.ca I want to invite you for an update course B3E next week . Let me know please Claude
  2. Mr. Croucher , We are very interested to see your book , please let me know if we can help you to finish it. Please reserve a copy for Eurocopter Canada My very best Claude Roy PRT Eurocopter Canada
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