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  1. Hot off the press: https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2018/12/minister-garneau-introduces-new-fatigue-regulations-to-make-air-travel-safer-for-all-canadians.html https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2018/12/overview-of-the-new-regulations-on-flight-crew-fatigue-management.html http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2018/2018-12-12/html/sor-dors269-eng.html
  2. A long time ago, in a province far away I once told a Alberta Forestry fella that I could not share a room as I had a... cough... M@$turb@ti0n problem. Needless to say I didn't have to share a room. (Can you say m@$turbati0n here?)
  3. First of all Condolences to the families and friends of this horrific accident. RIP. As we all know every accident has multiple factors that make it an accident. Working around wires has many inherent risks. Add in the spinning bits and it makes it even more dangerous. Accidents in and around the wire environment can happen to non traditional anti-torque systems to: A09P0353: EC-130B helicopter (C-GMVR) was performing power line sock line stringing operations in Manuel Canyon when the main rotor struck a steel tower. The pilot immediately flew away to the west of the powe
  4. Dopes on a rope? I didnt think BCFS rap crews came online until April. Must be starting early this year.
  5. Sounds to good to be true. But...... sign me up also!
  6. Nice birthday present! Surprised she didn't buy something new. Maybe she is a "re-gifter" http://www.cbc.ca/1.2683299
  7. RIP Grant. You will be remembered and not forgotten. Especially the time you and Farmer rolled around in the dirt wrestling outside the RK Heliski shack at 4 in the morning. Good Times.... Good Times!
  8. If you have your ATPLH you can apply to PPIP (Professional Pilots Insurnace Plan). 500 K of insurance and 500 K dismembermant etc is about $70 per month if you are a 40 ish old non smoker. I have a expired plan with Canada Life for about 1800 per year for 400 K. ( to give you an idea whats out there) RBC will also insure for roughly the same. Travelers insurance from the UK is coming out with a plan for loss of licence, disability etc... for contractors very shortly. Cheers C.
  9. I to use the ROHO. In fact I don't leave home with out it. LIke using a good quality two ply.....your *** will thank you. I have a spare, brand new one in the box for sale if anyone is interested. C.
  10. How about the truth that the Simplex Belly Tank STC doesn't authorize "delivery of firefighters or other personnel to and from base of operation" with the the hover refill pump installed?
  11. Last Thursday a beautiful Ceremony was held for a great person, and fellow aviator. The Full Regiment RCMP Funeral was impressive to say the least. Standing room only for those who came out to say there last farewell. www.peacearchnews.com/news/138163739.html As many others I found myself choking back tears as they showed pictures of Dave and his young family. For any of you who wish to donate, a trust fund has been setup to ensure Dave's two young children are taken care of for years down the road. Please PM me for details. Sincerely, Cosmo
  12. From what I was told years ago.... from WCB "you cannot get WCB coverage as a sole proprietor or contractor". So I negotiaed for the Company I contracted myself to, to pay so I was covered under there coverage. I am pretty sure they have to pay because you are working for them and there premiums are based on what they pay in payroll, management fees, contractor fees etc. This was years ago mind you. As an owner of a company we paid roughly about $3 per $1000 of salary, mangement fees, wages etc as a Helicopter charter operator. So if you had ten employees with a total payroll of 1,0
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