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  1. So yeah just wondering if anyone else has noticed the amount of higher time guys leaving the industry to pursue different careers?
  2. freck

    Customer Service Reps

    Yep you nailed it my angry little turd.
  3. freck

    Customer Service Reps

    Haha you can say turd but not a pile of cement that holds back water to generate power. We are doomed as a society of SJW's I miss my old tree fort building days.
  4. freck

    Customer Service Reps

    Most pilot's are the customer service reps and by reading your responses to past post you seem like you are an angry little turd. Lighten up bud none of us are that important. And if your girlfriend/boyfriend screws up an order that jacks me out of several grand in revenue because they are an idiot!? You're **** straight they are going to be cut a new one.
  5. freck

    Customer Service Reps

    What's next? Are we going to be told 100 hr pilots are people too? Cuz they're not.😎
  6. Yeah fixed wing seem's to be huge right now. The years of low pay and horrible schedules seemed to create a shortage over time. Starting to see the same in rotary. Unfortunately I'm to old to take advantage of another boom if it were to happen.
  7. Ohhhhh! Snap ! you sure are on a roll with your witty insults this week.
  8. Ohhhh! Super burn!
  9. Anyone else notice the amount of higher time guys quitting flying to pursue different careers? I know of 3 just in the last year that I worked with. All good pilots and guys.
  10. It would seem they don't care. The training bond route is a win win for the company.
  11. It may be worth the cost rather than sign a bond with companies that actually go the bond route. If they were good to work for there would be no need.
  12. Haha! Don't forget that operator in the Yukon that expects 3 years for A-Star training.
  13. You can try Ops Mobile I saw a bunch of dosed out ones there a couple years ago.
  14. If that was directed at me Just Looking I never blamed the employer. I'm going to make 6 figures this year in a 44 for the best employer I've ever worked for in my life. And the guy that I squeezed 30 grand out of owned a 7 figure home and all his machines outright. The only time I never saw him was when I needed him to sign my invoice to be paid. Every other time he was making sure he got his 14+ hours out of me a day.