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  1. You can try Ops Mobile I saw a bunch of dosed out ones there a couple years ago.
  2. If that was directed at me Just Looking I never blamed the employer. I'm going to make 6 figures this year in a 44 for the best employer I've ever worked for in my life. And the guy that I squeezed 30 grand out of owned a 7 figure home and all his machines outright. The only time I never saw him was when I needed him to sign my invoice to be paid. Every other time he was making sure he got his 14+ hours out of me a day.
  3. Then there is the point where you find out flying isn't what the flight school brochure tells you. I left oil and gas pilot operating to just go flying. One year(2012) I made 30 grand and couldn't collect EI because the company wouldn't take employees. Saw a lot of cool stuff but that only lasts so long. I'm back in oil and gas and if this dries up I'm too old and bitter to go back just flying. Life's too short to drink cheap beer
  4. ORNGE Crash

    I'm still amazed people vote NDP.
  5. Topic removed

    When I was flying the 206 I was told that 20 gals was acceptable fuel some old timers would say 15 was good. Just like in the Astar be on the ground at 20%. So who are we supposed to listen to? The fact of the matter is the 206 fuel gauge is famously inaccurate and should be regularly calibrated (for lack of a better word) I can see how this type of accident will be blamed on the pilot but in reality why hasn't bell come up with a better system? I feel for Helicopter who was PIC in this accident. I was told a long time ago that PIC stands for Punishment Is Coming. Also if the new standard is 30-40 Gal min you might as well sell the old bird as scrap metal or take out the back seat and have a really nice 2 seater.
  6. CADORS 2017C2301

    I checked out their website and they say they have video inside their machines for training purposes. Maybe they had one in the Cabri. Be interesting to know what caused the loss of control. Pilot error, mechanical or both. But like you said FZFG glad nobody was hurt.
  7. CADORS 2017C2301

    You're sure of that?
  8. Government subsidized mountain course?

    I've heard they may pay up to 8 thousand dollars and you will need to pay for the rest. It takes a bunch of hoop jumping and the course needs to be with an accredited school. (so you can't do it through a company that you want to buy a job with ) Last I heard the Canadian Helicopters Mountain course is around 25 grand. It's the government you are dealing with so don't expect it to happen over night. Good luck.
  9. Canadians Need Not Apply

    No Pm"s yet! Must be a bad connection. OZ companies!!!! I have real hours on a long line!!!!!! I'd say hit me up but like I said I'm over 32.
  10. Canadians Need Not Apply

    Looks like Bladeslapper took down all the disparaging comments about said companies abuse of the TFW program. Does anyone know of a reciprocating type program Australia has? I'd love to spend a couple seasons not flying in snow. There seems to be an abundance of jobs there and I'm more than qualified by their requirements. I'm older than 32 so I can't do the travel work visa. Any of you Oz operators can PM me. Cheers
  11. Well that answers that question! LR it is. They are getting you used to how you will be treated for the first 30 years of your pilot career. I joke I joke.
  12. Machine down?

    Glad to hear the pilot will be OK.