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  1. It is for sure a thankless industry but the company I've been for 8 years of my career with has always treated me with respect. That alone has gained my loyalty. Are they perfect? No, but being treated well shouldn't be a rarity. The company before this one wouldn't even say good morning to me in the hangar and it didn't help they loaded their maintenance side with pilot haters. (Never understood that mentality) My current companies engineers are top notch fun humans. It isn't hard to be friendly you guys who are constantly looking for people should try it out for one season and see how many g
  2. Doing great! My company doesn't chase fires.
  3. Those companies are out there but you will rarely see them advertising for help. I wonder why that is? And good luck at most getting the hint, if it's not about their bottom line then it isn't really their concern.
  4. I'd miss the flying and the good people that aren't so full of themselves. Other than that I can honestly say that I could leave this quite easily. More Cons than pros to be fair.
  5. I worked for a company that had a foreign fella show up with no work visa maybe a 1000 hrs under his belt of herding tuna. He stayed in the crew house, ate their food and worked a month for free until they got all the paperwork in order. They gave him an A star endorsement and he went on to fly his bag off for 2 seasons while the lower hour Canadian guys sat. He left with his experience and money to spend elsewhere. That's the stuff that chaps me. If I weren't a low hour guy at the time myself I'd have thrown the company under the bus. I don't fault the guy he was just looking out
  6. Yeah the incentive is that most don't have families here in Canada so they will work 365 days a year. The difference here in Canada is most come here as lower hour light/intermediate guys/girls that want VR experience and most Canadians in Oz are medium/heavy guys/girls that are actually highly experienced and really well paid with a half on half off schedule. Apples and oranges really.
  7. I have only met people who have worked there. PM sent
  8. Oh and I am on the choice side as well but getting sick of the tin foil hat conspiracies.
  9. On a side note one of my parents have had surgeries cancelled because their hospital isn't empty. Sorry you and Old are such sensitive little ****** when it comes to words.
  10. You have already shown your genius in the Go Fund Me forum. I'm not a liberal voter by any means but if you are on my team I may consider it.
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