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  1. Meh. If they can sue over statement of facts then I’ll expand. He sure did a wonderful job of advancing careers of non Canadians as well.
  2. Did a wonderful job at keeping wages low and tours long for sure.
  3. I'm pretty sure most people in this industry would have.
  4. Asking to be paid for something they require shouldn’t be seen as complaining nor should someone shut up about it if they aren’t being paid for it.
  5. And most companies want it done on your own time via Computer training. It’s ridiculous.
  6. What about fire fighting? I would say that’s fairly essential.
  7. Excluding myself of course. Opinions may vary!
  8. Never called down another pilot that I remember myself personally on this forum or know who Toughtimes is. Maybe threw some shade at companies and the state of the industry. But I digress. You as I recall are pro hiring guys from out of country because of the "demand" as it were 15 years ago. And one of the companies you were pro non local hire gets a shout out from time to time. If you want to leave because I got a couple thumbs up then go. You used your real name and in the last couple days I asked around and nobody knows who you are in my circle. But hey I may or may not be a pilot or engo
  9. Bump! Seems like you aren't the happiest guy with this industry at times too. Welcome to the whiners club.
  10. Maybe just not stupid enough. Just because you don't agree calling out some bad operators doesn't mean they shouldn't be called out. These same companies have no problem throwing a guy under the bus when they quit or call them out. Had one friend quit to go fly closer to home and the managers called the new company and the new company changed their minds. If your ok with that Normy then your a special kind for sure.
  11. I do stand behind my comments. I won’t work for any company I bash.
  12. Why don't you and Hybrid start the exposing yourselves first? Let me guess. Crickets?!?
  13. Yeah you’re right. Bad burrito the industry is great, good tours, over the top pay, tons of opportunities for new pilots. Pm Vortex he probably has that left seat position ready for you. No cleaning hangars for you, you should have all your hours in the first six months For all the clients demands. No sacrifice and home every night. Is that better bud?
  14. This is not the most charitable industry I’ve found so the likelihood of that scenario happening is really slim. Besides the fact most of the time we don’t need the extra weight, Who will be cleaning the toilets or listening to the engineers bad mouth us overpaid underworked meat sticks if you’re not in the hangar?
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