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  1. freck

    Mountain flying tips

    Never trust your passenger
  2. I wouldn't be too quick to say that. I've worked a lot in rainbow lake and worse for companies that pay well with good tours. I certainly am not going to go there for 3/4 of a year for anything less than 6 figures. Maybe you're mixing knowing your worth and entitlement defenitions.
  3. Well my friend you are in luck because they still pay what slaves used to make.but the going home part may be a problem.
  4. freck

    New Fatigue Regulations

    Once again Transport Canada has proven that they are completely incompetent. Freewheel is going to have a field day with them on this one.
  5. What are your tours compared to the other guys?
  6. freck

    The job field

    He’s endorsed on unicorns.
  7. freck

    The job field

    Yes they are called pilots up here
  8. freck

    The job field

    That’s true you are. Maybe you can do tax returns and audits over a glass of wine after an easy day of heli skiing. You’re a shoe in.
  9. freck

    The job field

    If you think washing boots and sweeping floors is beneath you then you really have no idea what it takes to get flying. But go ahead and give Cathy your money it's good for our economy.
  10. Great company with great people. Not a lot of turn over for a reason.
  11. freck

    Gallet parts dealer

    Thanks for the responses fellas.
  12. I have a Gallet 250 that I have pretty much worn out the ear cups and chin strap(they were only designed for one apparently). I refuse to pay what they want for helmets now days as I have only a few more years left till I pull the pin. Can anyone recommend a good dealer in parts for helmets or someone who refurbishes? Cheers.
  13. freck

    Pilot/Mechanic Relationship

    Don't shoot the messenger. Just going with what an engineer said to me and he's a good friend of mine.