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  1. Well that answers that question! LR it is. They are getting you used to how you will be treated for the first 30 years of your pilot career. I joke I joke.
  2. Machine down?

    Glad to hear the pilot will be OK.
  3. Foreign Pilots

    The "It's a small industry be careful how you act or treat people" works both ways. Employers are not exempt.
  4. So are you going to do a PPC or are you seriously asking someone to pencil whip a PPC for cash? I'm hoping I've lost something in translation here.
  5. Not trying to stir the pot. I'm wondering about the wording? If you lets say get diagnosed with a terminal illness then your class 1 is no longer valid. Then the insurers won't have to pay out? All my dealings with insurance companies have been negative ones. It's unfortunate that you need a team of lawyers just to figure out the wording of the contract now days.
  6. Personal Flight Kit

    I just spit my beer on the computer because of you! Hahahaha!
  7. Is This A Flying Position

    Exploit another 100 hr guy? I've never met a 100 hr guy that hasn't been exploited unless Daddy owned the company. That being said, I'd rather hire a 100 hr guy that has a season under his/her belt working around helicopters than a 100 hr guy/girl that worked at McDonalds and expects the right seat out of flight school.
  8. Or do it the way I suggest or don't. I don't really care. But if you are the type that relies on a civil servant to get anything done then you my friend have not been paying attention. All I'm saying is why not cover your *** so there is no mixing up what someone thinks they need to know. Then when they ask you if what you have is air time or flight time you can say both. Is this to hard to grasp or have I drank too much tonight? I'm not even joking.
  9. Simple solution. Put an Air time and put a flight time portion in your personal log book. Let the lawyers try and argue that you lied in court over that one. Then the company is held responsible for what is what in terms of customer requirements. I put these 2 things in the journey log. Why not my personal log? It's not rocket appliances.
  10. Well Old I see you've succeeded in stirring the pot. LOL!
  11. You never seem to mention anything other than pilot's being the flawed component of this industry though (Fact). I've worked with some real peach pilots as well but you never seem to mention flaws of engineers that think the world revolves around them?!( Also overweight alcoholic and useless) I have a lot of respect for the job engineers do but the second I hear an engineer tell me that I'm just a meat servo I remind them that when I have my back against the wall in a dicey situation I don't have tech support to call. I'll leave this here as I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a guy who clearly doesn't respect what I do for a living.
  12. You don't have to defend yourself to me but I still stand behind my statement of some of the most useless people I've met in this industry. You seem to have a very high opinion of yourself you'd make an awesome pilot!
  13. We all Know that you are one of those pilot hating engineers Old so we won't take it too personally. On a side note some of the most useless lazy people I've met are Engineers and of those were the pilot hating kind.
  14. People are leaving the industry in drones!
  15. This year. Does the first?