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  1. We've come to realize reading your opinions that's what it's all about.
  2. I had the balls after a night of drinking to tell my wife that. They are now firmly secure in her purse. All jokes aside fellas I'm not missing it one bit. Gonna be a good summer.
  3. Go to a school that has the chance of hiring you whether it be tours or traffic. They are all pretty much the same. They want your money.
  4. How's your banding together to get a duty day and schedule coming?
  5. Yet you are one of the biggest cheerleaders for a private sector company who are the worst for tours and pay?!? You're a special kind. Can't wait to read your non-arrogant @55 comment. You arrogant @55'
  6. Says the two hero's that will work or defend one of the worst companies out there.
  7. Oh stop it. I'd miss flying not the industry ya big dork.
  8. Well then good luck. Just let us know how it's going along the way. I'm not even joking when I say I'm routing for you.
  9. Good luck with that. I know guys with the best of reputation walking away. Please fill us in when you make that different.
  10. I changed it cuz I thought that was a little harsh. 😁. You made great points robotxt but to think misery has anything to do with it you're wrong. Not for one second will I miss this industry. Ask me in a year or so and I may owes you an apology but the way I feel right now?! I'm good.
  11. Misery? Not at all I'm just happy to know I'm in charge of my life and not some company. It feels pretty good.
  12. How many guys out there are just fed up with being away from home and have found the luster of flying isn't quite what the brochure said it would be? I'm taking this season off myself. Maybe I'll get the itch again but after 15 years of flying it's no longer a privilege to fly your machine. I know the usuals will pipe up and say the usual but to each his own.
  13. Love these guys! I was walking through our local airport and this guy starts chatting me up. (He was taking his private fixed wing) he proceeds to tell me that he’s watched enough pilots fly that in a bind he could take a helicopter and safely fly it. I said yeah you could . You will probably get it ioff the ground for less than double digit in seconds and then you will land it so the skid bottoms can be inspected. He then said he had thousands of hours in them so I’m wrong. I just told him you probably have a couple thousand hours on a toilet it doesn’t make you a plumber. Anyone willing to give me an endorsement on a K-max? That’s about all the hero passengers I want to put up with😄
  14. I wouldn't be too quick to say that. I've worked a lot in rainbow lake and worse for companies that pay well with good tours. I certainly am not going to go there for 3/4 of a year for anything less than 6 figures. Maybe you're mixing knowing your worth and entitlement defenitions.
  15. Well my friend you are in luck because they still pay what slaves used to make.but the going home part may be a problem.
  16. Once again Transport Canada has proven that they are completely incompetent. Freewheel is going to have a field day with them on this one.
  17. He’s endorsed on unicorns.
  18. Yes they are called pilots up here
  19. That’s true you are. Maybe you can do tax returns and audits over a glass of wine after an easy day of heli skiing. You’re a shoe in.
  20. If you think washing boots and sweeping floors is beneath you then you really have no idea what it takes to get flying. But go ahead and give Cathy your money it's good for our economy.
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