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  1. You nailed it Diaper pin. Though I'm sure Rainbow Lake is nice this time of year.
  2. Just a heads up if you do, get something in writing even if it's just moving costs.
  3. I just talked with a guy who said a certain company in Northern Alberta had a stipulation that if you wanted a job with them you would have to move there. Then said company laid the majority off. Some of the guys signed leases for the year. It's a wonder why they are constantly advertising for guys. Caveat Emptor my young pilot friends. If you are going to make a major move get in writing some guarantees. Bad year granted but hopefully lesson learned.
  4. I'd say timing in the industry is what most guys are saying over any ones age. There are plenty of experienced guys not receiving a pay cheque right now. Bud you'd be out of your skull to get into this industry this day and age. Especially if you are already raising your eyebrows at being a below minimum wage janitor and worse yet have a family that is relying on you to feed and house them. It would just be an irresponsible move.
  5. Uh oh I feel round 2 of BBQ fight club is about to kick off.
  6. Never once has he not been condescending or not always right. He is in fact the president of his own fan club..
  7. You are going to feed me 100% on your dime if I'm away from home in some shithole that thinks a frost bitten burger is worth $25. But then again some people also think 70 grand a year is sufficient compensation to be gone for 3/4 of the year in said shitholes cuz choppers are cool.
  8. Another confusion with per diem is are they taxable? I've worked for companies who pay it tax free and companies who don't. Why the discrepancy?
  9. I have no idea what your job entails but my book says you are doing it wrong.
  10. Yes you are and that is why you are always looking for guys.
  11. Maybe you can learn how to pilot hate in a new language.😚
  12. I wouldn't liken it to pilot/operators at all. I've never met a pilot/ engineer who was flying a R 44 make 6 figures a year doing anything ever! On a 2 and 2 rotation with a 14 hour duty day.
  13. It is a great looking idea but as TNT said.
  14. Does that come with a discount for the computer I just ruined spitting coffee on it?
  15. If you are a low timer your best bet is the old road trip. I remember Vertical used to have a list of all operators in Canada as well. That was helpful in showing what machines each company had so you can map out your trip or call if you are a higher hour pilot.
  16. Apparently they don't make Rays like they used to.
  17. We've come to realize reading your opinions that's what it's all about.
  18. I had the balls after a night of drinking to tell my wife that. They are now firmly secure in her purse. All jokes aside fellas I'm not missing it one bit. Gonna be a good summer.
  19. Go to a school that has the chance of hiring you whether it be tours or traffic. They are all pretty much the same. They want your money.
  20. How's your banding together to get a duty day and schedule coming?
  21. Yet you are one of the biggest cheerleaders for a private sector company who are the worst for tours and pay?!? You're a special kind. Can't wait to read your non-arrogant @55 comment. You arrogant @55'
  22. Says the two hero's that will work or defend one of the worst companies out there.
  23. Oh stop it. I'd miss flying not the industry ya big dork.
  24. Well then good luck. Just let us know how it's going along the way. I'm not even joking when I say I'm routing for you.
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